Longest Spinning TopIf you love a challenge, you need the Longest Spinning Top to refine your skill and beat your personal best. However, not all spinning tops are created equally. Lightweight, cheap tops typically won't spin very long and yields inconsistent results. It's almost impossible to gain skill as a master spinner and improve your spin time without the right top in your collection.

Heavier spinning tops created with machine precision spin longer than lighter ones, even if they're launched at the same speed. The goal is to establish the longest spinning top possible to leverage the speed and increase momentum.

All of the spinning tops created by Bruce Charles Designs are proudly crafted as a keepsake, work of art, and gadget you'll love fidgeting with. Spinning tops are also a fun way to challenge your hands and mind to set engaging spinning goals for yourself. 

Longest Spinning Top Accessories

Concave glass lenses and bases help showcase your spinning tops and assist in longer spin times. Mix and match our variety of bases to match different aesthetics in your home.


Tops + Teak Spin Base Pack

There are several longest spinning top selections to choose from at Bruce Charles Designs. However, if you can't decide which is the best longest spinning top for you, try our variety pack that delights your friends, family, and colleagues.

Best of all, our four-top collection comes with a spinning base with a concave lens for an all-in-one experience. See which one offers the longest spin time for your technique.


Gift the Longest Spinning Top

The longest spinning top makes an innovative and unique gift for friends, family, and colleagues. Impress your clients and stay top of mind with an exquisite spinning top as part of your Corporate Gifting efforts. While your competition is sending out gift baskets, our spinning tops will leave a lasting impression. 

Longest Spinning Top Reviews

"What a great spinning top. Beautiful in the hand and very easy to spin with control. I am new to spin tops; however, I got just under 9 minutes with my first spins. I now achieve 9 -11 minutes with just about every spin, and my best is 12 minutes 4 secs. I spin on a Bruce Charles base. Highly recommended." - Leon Jones

"I am 28 years old, haven't spun a top since the 90s. Gave this a spin on my coffee table and got no less than 6 minutes on my first spin. It's compact, hefty, and well machined. The fused brass and aluminum are elegant together. Very neat to have something that fits in a small pocket, can be given minimal effort, and provides several minutes of enjoyment and suspense. I'll be bringing it to work to distract customers while I get all of their items together on the computer. Everyone loves watching a top. Great buy. If you're on the fence and have a few extra bucks, go for it!" - Logan Brown

"Amazing engineering and packaging. It's hard to express getting something that so thoroughly meets and exceeds expectations! Perfect gift for that someone who has everything but didn't know there was room for such a simple joy.Not like any top I've ever held! On one of my first attempts, I did a spin that went 6 minutes! No tools, no strings, finger and thumb, and it just goes and goes. It has to be perfectly designed and milled. Any defect would be shown!" - Cash

Purchase the Longest Spinning Top

Ready to purchase the longest spinning top for your collection? Browse the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top for you or your loved ones.