When you purchase one of our Schulte Tops, you'll be amazed at the piece's performance and quality. Not only is this top a toy, great for collectors and those who simply need a break, but it feels like an art piece. A playable art piece that is a beautiful addition to your desk, shelf, or toy collection. 

But what is art without something to display it? If you were to buy a print or a canvas, you wouldn't want to display that magnificent piece in your home without a frame. Having something surrounding the art piece not only sets it apart from every other decoration in your home but also provides the piece with a layer of protection. Having art immaculately framed makes it easier to showcase in your home.

The same is true with our spinning base. With any toys that spin, you want to ensure they're used on a gleaming, flat surface to get the most spin time for your buck. Our spinning base combined with the concave glass panel that slips into the middle slot is the perfect base for our artistic spinning toys. With the spinning base, you have a classy and elegant way to display your playable art pieces in a way that matches the rest of your decor. 

We offer two different kinds of wood for our spinning base. The first is a lighter teak wood that is perfect for the lighter tones in your office, but we also offer a black walnut wood spinning base that is the perfect complement to a darker theme. 

If you're interested in purchasing our tops as well but can't make a decision on which one you might like, we also offer a special package where you can purchase all four of our tops in combination with a spinning base with the wood of your choice. It's a fantastic deal that can easily display all of the incredible features our spinning toys have in one condensed package. 

Use one of our spinning bases to make your desk stand out today!