When you're looking for a good fidget toy to keep your hands occupied while listening to a lecture, sitting in a meeting, or just reading a good book, then the Bruce Charles Design fidget slider is the perfect fit. Our adult fidget toy collection—especially our fidget sliders—are the perfect way to stay engaged and focused without using a big, bulky fidget toy like you see children use. 

This adult fidget toy is made from incredible materials like titanium, brass, and stainless steel, and is perfect to keep in a pocket, in a desk drawer, or even on top of your desk. Its sleek finish and design makes it not only the perfect fidget toy, but also an excellent addition to the decor of your office. 

Aluminum & Brass Magnetic Slider

If you're looking for an affordable, yet elegant, version of our fidget slider, then the Lowrey Aluminum & Brass Magnetic Slider may be exactly what you're looking for. The texture on the outside of the fidget slider gives you a good grip and a satisfying feeling under your fingers when you play with it, giving it the benefit of pulling double duty unlike other stim toys. Each one of these fidget sliders is crafted with precipitation-hardened aluminum for ultimate durability, so you shouldn't be afraid to carry this adult fidget toy in your pocket no matter where you go. 

Our Aluminum & Brass slider isn't the only option we have available. We also have sliders made of stainless steel and brass as well as many different finishes of titanium, including blue, gray, and a darker chocolate-like color. 

No matter which slider you choose, you're sure to be pleased with the quality and the feel of each and every fidget slider we produce. This is your sign–it's time to get a fidget slider!