If you're looking to make an impact on your corporate clients and show your appreciation, consider high-end gadgets like spinning tops. Corporate Gifting went from a routine practice to an urgent priority during the pandemic. Stand out from your competition by gifting a work of art like our machined spinning tops that keep minds and hands occupied and serve as a conversation starter.

Stainless Steel Spinning Tops

Extend your corporate gifting selection with an impressive stainless steep spinning top created with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. We take pride in everything we make and also spark the competitive nature within. Pair our tops with a concave glass lens from our collection so your clients can improve their experience and spin time.


Bronze Spinning Top

Beyond stainless steel, Bruce Charles Designs also creates bronze tops to add to your corporate gifting collection. Our sleek tops spin gracefully across a desk or concave lens for a dazzling experience. Many of our customers report a spin time of over 10-minutes and continue to challenge their skill.

Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

Corporate gifting can be whimsical and unique that encourage clients to unplug and relax. Our Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top offers relaxation and fun without breaking your gifting budget. 

Tops + Teak Spin Base Pack

Inspire your corporate gifting efforts with a stunning four-top collection. Instead of a singular top, this pack comes with an accompanying base with a concave lens for an all-in-one spinning top experience.


Bases for Your Spinning Tops

Make a memorable impression on your clients with a high-quality Spinning Base with a concave glass lens. The lenses on our bases keep your tops spinning long after the competition stops.


Corporate Gifting Spinning Top Reviews

"This top is of outstanding quality. It's small but has substantial weight. The knurled handle gives it a perfect grip to spin. The finish is polished nicely. The top spins smooth and true. Love it; it's awesome. Shipping was quick, and the packaging was super professional. I highly recommend the top and buying from this seller." - LERRY

"Amazing engineering and packaging. It's hard to express getting something that so thoroughly meets and exceeds expectations! Perfect gift for that someone who has everything but didn't know there was room for such a simple joy.Not like any top I've ever held! On one of my first attempts, I did a spin that went 6 minutes! No tools, no strings, finger and thumb, and it just goes and goes. It has to be perfectly designed and milled. Any defect would shown!" - Cash

"Love the set! Perfect for when I need a mental break from a day full of zooms and conference calls and meetings and emails. I've kept in my home office, but it also has been fun after work with the family. Everyone claims a top, and the spinning begins. Our competitiveness is coming out! All four tops get incredible spin times on the base! It's addicting to watch them spin.

"The spin base is definitely high quality and looks great on my desk. Love that all four tops can be displayed on it. And as someone who enjoys woodworking, I can appreciate the precision that goes into both making such high-quality tops and the base as well. The set came packaged very nicely. Definitely adding this to our list of gifts for family and friends for Christmas-perfect for the person who you don't know what to get!" - Mallory

Corporate Gifting - Spinning Tops

Expand Your Corporate Gifting Options

Ready to purchase spinning tops for your corporate gifting collection? Stand out from your competition and make a lasting impression on everyone you work with. Browse the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top for your clients.