Do you find yourself stressed or bristling with excess energy? How about finger tapping? Shaking your leg up and down? If these are your common habits and you’re tired of being shamed at dinner by friends and families for your constant jostling and twitching, we have a solution for you! Insert the Metal Fidget Slider

What Is the Metal Fidget Slider?

The Metal Fidget Slider is one of our many products that help your hands stay focused. Handmade from a single billet of precipitation-hardened aluminum, this toy guarantees a durable and long life. The two metal pieces are connected with a magnet, which lets your hands twist and rotate one side over and over again. With how it’s designed, your thumb won’t ever feel sore with every distinct “snap” when it clicks back into place. Because the aluminum is not polished, there are curves and grooves to give your hand comfort.



Why Own a Metal Fidget Slider? 

The purpose of a Metal Fidget Slider is to let you express your excess energy in a profoundly enjoyable and satisfying way. The Metal Fidget Slider is the solution for your excess energy. Not only is it designed well, but aesthetically too! Bruce Charles Designs handmakes four options to choose from to match your visual and financial needs: Aluminum & Brass, Stainless Steel & Brass, Polished Stainless Steel & Brass, and Polished Titanium & Brass. It’s a small and stunning stress relief toy to keep on hand or at the desk.

Customer Feedback

But don’t take our word on it! Our customers have left over 50 reviews and 96% of them have given it a 5 star rating. Here’s some of the reasons they use a metal fidget slider. 

Ed says “The quality of this little thing is fantastic - it feels really solid! It's a godsend for 'idle hands' on endless Zoom calls.” The metal fidget spinner is silent and non-disruptive to your environment. Keep your hands still with this little guy in your hands and your coworkers won’t even know! 

Thena said “I love this item. It arrived at an extremely stressful time in my life, so I have been putting it to good use.” Besides using it for an excess of energy, use it to channel your emotions like stress

Lastly, Mac says “I tend to fidget, fiddle, and squirm, and I might sometimes display other signs of anxiety, so it is nice to find a company who feels my pain. I want to thank you BC. I have always been fascinated with magnetism, and this new product is excellent.” If you’re like Mac who fidgets, fiddles, squirms, and can’t sit still, then the Metal Fidget Spinner might be the solution for you! 

Ease Anxiety, Stress, and Nerves With A Metal Fidget Slider

Ease Anxiety, Stress, and Nerves With A Metal Fidget Slider

Our Metal Fidget Slider can help reduce anxiety and settle nerves as the toy will give the hand and mind something to focus on. A side effect of reducing anxiety and excess energy is an increase in focus. It’s a great affordable tool to settle the mind. 

If you’re needing release from excess energy, anxiety, and stress, consider a Metal Fidget Slider as your next solution! Buy a Metal Fidget Slider here or any of our other popular fidget solving toys and gadgets from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect item for you or your loved ones.