Stress and fidgeting go hand-in-hand and are often cyclical. Research shows stress could cause fidgeting, but fidgeting can also help relieve feelings of anxiety. Although exercise can help calm your jitters and fidgeting, it's not always practical, especially during work hours. Instead, Stress Relief Desk Toys can offer an outlet for stress, an enjoyable way to fidget, and looks like a work of art.

How Do Stress Relief Desk Toys Work?

Stress relief desk toys are designed to help you relax and release energy. The goal is to keep your mind and hands engaged in reducing your worries or nerves. Some toys are designed to squeeze, others spin, and some glide back and forth. 

Another benefit of stress relief desk toys is how practical they are. They're a welcome, attractive addition to an office. Instead of feeling intrusive to your space, high-end fidget toys could add to your aesthetic. 

Fidget Sliders

Some stress relief desk toys can also fit into your pocket discreetly. Our Lowrey Aluminum & Brass Magnetic Slider is created with fully enclosed neodymium magnets for an optimal grip and feel. The tension allows you to glide the sliders back and forth without losing your grip. We also CNC-machine our sliders, spinning tops, and machinist puzzles for durability and quality. Browse our entire collection of magnetic sliders here



Schulte Brass Spinning Top

The Schulte Brass Spinning Top makes a stunning fidget gift or addition to your desk. Pass the time watching it glide against your desk or one of our specialty-designed bases.

Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

Our stress relief desk toys come in a variety of metals and finishes. We also create all of our tops with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing for optimal spin time.

Bronze Spinning Top

The Bronze spinning top is fun to spin and easily tucks into the palm of your hand. Quietly spin it across a meeting table while waiting for coworkers to arrive. 

Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Our Stainless Steel Spinning Top is a stunning work of art that pairs with any stress relief desk toys.  

Captive Nut Keychain

Stress Relief Desk Toys can also be practical. Our Captive Nut Keychain stores your keys and serves as a fidget toy when you need some relief in your day. Just like our sliders, the Captive Nut Keychain is also CNC-machined but with solid brass for durability. 

Stress Toy

Stress Relief Desk Toys Reviews

Do you want to see what our customers think about our selection of stress toys and more? Read some of our reviews for our metal sliders, spinning tops, and captive nut keychains directly from our customers:

"I love this smooth sliding haptic slider SO MUCH. I can hardly put it down. I really appreciate the versatility of use and ability to fidget on the down-low, with it being silent and non-disruptive to the non-fidgeters around me. Great quality product!"

"Looks great, well balanced & spins 5 minutes easily. Seller communicated well and obviously takes pride in his work. You won't regret purchasing from this store."

"Nicely machined for a flawless play and separation if using as a key ring. Minimal and well-appointed packaging. Ready to waste hours and hours trying to lose my nut." 

Purchase Your Own Stress Relief Desk Toys

Refocus your fidgeting from something frustrating to fun with your own stress toy. Browse the entire selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect item for you or gift it to a loved one.