Although many handmade fidget toys are made of cheap materials and lack quality, you can find options that exceed your expectations and double as a work of art. Bruce Charles Designs creates handmade fidget toys and gifts that keep your hands and mind engaged. They're sophisticated, intriguing, and a satisfying way to pass the time. Whether you want to keep them for yourself or gift them to a loved one, our selection is created with craftsmanship and care for a high-end, adult-friendly Handmade Fidget toy that's built to last. 

Handmade Fidget Toy Tops

Spinning tops aren't just for kids anymore. Our high-quality, machined tops are created with precision and care and offer a long-lasting spin experience. They're the perfect option for a handmade fidget toy or to display on your desk as a conversation starter. Our spinning tops come in high-quality brass, bronze, stainless steel, fused aluminum, and stainless steel tops. Or purchase all of them with our All Four Schulte Tops + Wood Spin Base Gift Pack to complete your collection.

Fidget Slider

Take the joy of fidgeting to new levels with the satisfying look and feel of our Lowrey Magnetic Slider. This brass handmade fidget toy comes in Aluminum & Brass, Polished Titanium & Brass, Polished Stainless & Brass, and Stainless & Brass. They're fun and engaging to use and don't slide away and out of your hands with the help of enclosed neodymium magnets. It fits perfectly into your briefcase or pocket, so it's always on hand for some discreet fidgeting to release excess energy and nerves. 

Captive Nut Keychain

Captive Nut Keychain is a functional gadget that also keeps your hands busy. Keep your keys secure and a handmade fidget toy within reach whenever you need it. This keychain is the perfect go-to when waiting in line for the doctor's office or your next meeting. Twist the captive nut up and down and see if you can solve this machinist puzzle. 

Handmade Fidget Toy Reviews

Are you interested in one of our products for yourself? Learn more about our handmade fidget toys and other items from our happy customers:

"Received in record time, especially given shipping delays these days. This is a great addition to our "desk toy/coffee table toy" collection. It's beautiful, plus it really spins smoothly and for a long time. If you go to the Bruce Charles website, there are wooden bases to hold the glass lens. I'll be ordering that next. I've added a photo of the luxurious packaging because I think it's amazing for such an inexpensive item. A bonus was a personal note from the owner."

Handmade Fidget - Spinning Top - Bruce Charles Designs

"This little device has been engineered to gradually stand up perpendicular as it spins--weighted edge, smooth little tip, solid grip on the shaft, it really goes, and silently. Something so simple and primitive, a primary toy of the human race, can be raised to new levels of efficiency and elegance by highly technical engineering. Slick. I have collected tops for 45 years. I stand impressed."

"Absolutely love this fidget! It has a nice weight to it; it's the perfect size for your hand and slides SO smoothly. The packaging was so lovely and had a personal touch. Exceeded my expectations. It's a lovely quiet fidget that I highly recommend!"

Purchase Your Own Handmade Fidget Toy

Fidgeting doesn't have to look awkward when you have high-end, quality options to choose from. Keep your hands and mind engaged with a handmade fidget toy from Bruce Charles Designs by start a collection of your new go-to favorites for hours of fun and relaxation. Browse our entire selection here.