Why Spinning Tops Make the Perfect Corporate Gift

Everybody loves a good gift, especially during the holidays. Since employees who feel valued are more likely to be productive in the workplace, finding the right one for your employees is much more than a kind gesture; it's a business investment.

But what exactly makes a great corporate gift this holiday season? And why is it one of our spinning tops?


When was the last time you were given a spinning top? Exactly! A top is by no means your typical gift. After all, it is a toy (for adults and kids alike), which makes it all the more fun, worthwhile, and appropriate for the holiday season. It sends the message that you care about your employees—their enjoyment and delight—just as much as you do their output. Not to mention, our tops are unlike any you'll find in stores or under the tree. Precisely made and lustrously finished, your employees will be amazed by their look, design, and functionality—and no doubt surprised by your thoughtfulness as well.

Practicality of Spinning Tops as Corporate Gifts

With rates of stress, anxiety, and boredom higher than ever, there really isn't a more practical, cheerful gift than a fidget toy. Fidget toys, such as spinning tops, are toys that do exactly as they sound- they help you fidget, but productively. We all fidget in some form or fashion—to relieve stress, reduce restlessness, and enhance focus. But most of the time, our methods don't quite do the trick. Think about it: How often do you take a stretch break only to end up scrolling through social media? Our brains are looking for dopamine, and they'll find it one way or another; one just happens to waste time.

So why not give your employees a gift that will keep on giving? Our tops are a quick and easy fix to these woes, increasing cognitive function and decreasing distractibility in no time. Plus, their small size is perfect for the office setting, meaning your employees won't even have to get up from their desks to use them!

Instead of spinning their wheels trying to find relief, your employees will be spinning their tops, and they'll have you to thank.


We all want to be the "cool" boss, but let's be honest: That usually comes with a price, and a hefty one at that. But it doesn't have to be that way! Priced at $25 to $40, our one-of-a-kind spinning tops will mean so much more to your employees than that comparably-priced gift card everyone is expecting (and will probably lose anyway). Trust us. With this high-quality gift, you’ll boost company morale and get all the props without blowing the budget.


Psst...nobody wants company swag for their end-of-year gift. We know, it's hard to hear, but it’s true nonetheless. Employees want something that won’t fill up their junk drawer or they won’t be tempted to throw it in the trash a few months later. As an employer, a great rule of thumb is to shoot for classy, and when it comes to classy, our spinning tops are a slam dunk. 

Made of many different metals, our tops lend an air of luxury, excellently engineered with the finest of detail work. They are made to not only spin for as long as possible but also to act as an elegant accessory to a home or commercial office. Even if they aren’t exactly spinning top aficionados, just the beauty of these pieces will have your employees displaying them with pride.


Unlike a box full of goodies, spa bundle, or gift card, our spinning tops aren’t a one-and-done kind of product. They actually last, which means they’re a sure-fire way to keep your employees feeling remembered and appreciated not just through the holidays, but all year long. What’s more, because our tops are composed of durable elements, they won’t tarnish or lose their luster, so your employees will be able to cherish them for years to come.

Conversation Starter

Spinning tops aren't just toys—they're conversation starters. Placing a beautifully crafted top on a desk invites curiosity and interaction. Employees and visitors alike will be drawn to these intriguing objects, sparking conversations about their design, engineering, and the thoughtful gesture behind the gift. This can enhance office camaraderie and provide a light-hearted topic to break the ice in meetings and casual interactions.

Promoting Mindfulness

In addition to their fidget-friendly nature, spinning tops can serve as tools for mindfulness. The simple act of spinning a top and watching it dance across a surface can be a meditative practice, helping employees to take a moment to breathe and refocus. This can be particularly beneficial in a fast-paced work environment, promoting mental well-being and a more balanced approach to work.

Uniqueness, practicality, affordability, classiness, durability, conversation starter, mindfulness promoter. Now you know what you need to do corporate gifting right. Luckily, our spinning tops have all of these characteristics and more! Browse our shop now, and have a wonderful holiday season.

Uniqueness, practicality, affordability, classiness, durability and more. Now you know what you need to do corporate gifting right. Luckily, our spinning tops have all of these characteristics and more! Browse our shop now, and have a wonderful holiday season.