Spinning Top Enthusiasts Have 5 Shared Qualities

Spinning top enthusiasts have a lot in common besides their love for spinning tops. They all share five qualities that make them unique among the general population. Let's explore these five traits and see if you identify with them!

1) A natural curiosity

One of the most interesting traits that spinning top enthusiasts share is their insatiable curiosity. They are always looking to increase their knowledge, no matter how much they already know.

They try to learn more about the materials that tops are made, how to get them to spin longer, what materials their base should be made of, and more!

People who are spinning top enthusiasts are very observant because they must spot new tops and understand how they work.

They are also very sociable beings that want to share their knowledge with other spinners or even try out the top themselves to understand it better. There are established communities (like our BCD Facebook Group!) that are out there in which you can learn more about spinning tops and what some enthusiasts are doing to get a longer spin.

The need for this continuous curiosity is what makes these people so unique.

2) A competitive nature where winning is always at the forefront of their mind

Spinning Top Enthusiasts can be competitive, especially since they like to compare tops and make predictions on how long they will spin before losing control.

They often compete with themselves as well, trying to better their results and beat records. They might not be interested in tournaments or other big competitions, but prefer beating their personal bests and posting their results.

They love sharing videos of their spins with a timer next to them, posting images of their times, or creating content giving their advice on creating the best tops.

3) A need to seek out new challenges

One of the most interesting traits that spinning top enthusiasts share is their need to seek out new challenges. They always want to try something new and face difficulties head-on, without hesitation.

They often don't shy away from difficult-to-find materials or difficult-to-master techniques. They are so curious about what they can achieve that it pushes them to try new things and this is, in essence, the core of their personality.

If you look at the wide variety of spinning top challenges that are on YouTube, these types of people love to make waves and have fun! From spinning the longest to trying to get them to spin on near-impossible surfaces, challenges are what make them happy!

4) Patience

One of the most critical traits for spinning top enthusiasts to have is patience! It takes time to learn how to make the best top and getting it to spin for a long time is no easy feat.

A person who enjoys spinning tops must be patient in order to learn how the top works, what materials will make it spin longer, and other details that allow them to achieve their goals.

They also need patience when learning and mastering new techniques and try not to invest a lot of money into a single top that might not work the way they want it to. This is important because it means that they won't give up after just one try and will strive to put in the time needed to achieve their goals.

5) Highest level of concentration

Spinning top enthusiasts have a high level of mental focus that allows them to fully concentrate on what they are doing. Whether it's mastering a new technique or making their spinning tops as perfect as possible, they need all their attention to detail and this commitment is something we can see in almost every enthusiast we know or meet.

These people live and breathe their enthusiasm to such a degree that it's hard not to see them as perfect examples of concentration and attention. If you want to fully understand spinning tops and how they work, you must know where to look for information, who will have the most accurate information, and how you can get it.

These 5 traits that have been discussed in this article are what make these people so unique. Are you a Spinning Top Enthusiast? What are some other traits you feel you carry as well?