Excellence By Design: Introducing the Lowrey Magnetic Slider

The Bruce Charles Designs Lowrey magnetic slider lets you express your excess energy in a profoundly enjoyable and satisfying way. The Lowrey is the result of a (somewhat obsessive) design and re-design process that explored materials and production techniques with an uncompromising focus on balance.  

Lowrey Magnetic Slider

Four different sizes and strengths of neodymium magnets (6 internal magnets per side) were tried and tested. We chose the one that felt most satisfying.  

Over 20 different surface treatments were tested to find one that offered enough grip but wouldn't leave thumbs sore from extended use. It also had to hold visual appeal, and our testers helped us find the one that accomplished both.  

Finally, four different materials were used in various configurations to find the sliding feel that offered a distinct "snap" into place functionality and slid smoothly and effortlessly for rotational moves. We think we nailed that as well, but we want to hear your feedback!

Sliding versus friction, magnet pull versus freedom of movement, and grip versus hand feel all need to be balanced. And if they are in balance, the individual elements disappear and what emerges is a haptic experience that just...feels...right.

Superior Craftsmanship

The primary body and outer surface (the parts you push and pull to move) is CNC machined from a single billet of precipitation-hardened aluminum for durability and long life. The aluminum is not polished, instead of allowing the machining patterns from three different milling tools to add visual complexity to the compound curves and grooves.  

The sliding surfaces are made from a solid brass piece with individually machined pockets for the magnets. Each magnet is then pressed into its pocket for a permanent and secure attachment.

Next, the brass is pressed into the aluminum body with over 500-pounds of pressure to bond the two pieces permanently. No adhesives are used anywhere in the construction, relying instead on a precision fit of far less than the thickness of a human hair.

Finally, the outward-facing brass is final machined to create a pattern of tool marks and to have individual Bruce Charles Designs logos engraved over each magnet on one side. The engravings serve the purpose of trapping any dust or dirt to keep it off the sliding surfaces.

Lowrey Magnetic Slider - Bruce Charles Designs

A Gift to be Cherished (Even if you're gifting yourself!)

Presentation makes a lasting impact. Take delight in receiving and opening your Lowrey box and packaging or enjoy watching someone you love unpack the gift box and realize this is no ordinary gift!


  • Uniquely textured and machined surface for optimal grip and feel
  • Fully enclosed neodymium magnets
  • Permanently joined aluminum and brass structure
  • 25 x 44 x 18 mm
  • Recommended for ages 16+

Read more about what the Lowrey name is all about here.