Metal Spinning Tops: Better than Plastic Tops |

Metal Spinning Tops: Better Than Plastic Tops

Did you ever play with plastic tops as a kid? Plastic tops can be fun, but if you’ve never tried a metal top before, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Our thoughts? Metal spinning tops are an excellent investment for spinning top enthusiasts.

For one thing, their durability can’t be beat. Compared to plastic tops, metal tops are less likely to break if dropped or stepped on. They can also spin for much longer than their plastic counterparts before they tip. The high-quality metal construction is also far easier to grip, so both children and adults will have no problem with holding onto these precision spinning tops while they play!

When it comes to buying a spinning top, don’t look for cheap plastic toys. You are looking for something new and fun to help you enjoy your time and help find new joys when you are sitting around the house.

So the next time you are looking for a spinning top, why not consider metal instead of plastic? These spin tops last longer, spin faster, and are easier to hold onto!

Let's take a closer look at these points with a quick comparison between the two.

Metal Creates More Durable Spin Tops than Plastic

Simply put, metal tops are metal, which is more durable than plastic.

One of the first things to consider about why metal tops are better than plastic tops is that metal is far more durable. Think about the times that you played with a toy spinning top as a kid. They would fly across the table, spin onto the floor, and so many more destructive traits. 

When you have a plastic top, think about how much faster it could be damaged. When you bend or warp the plastic, it no longer has a balanced spin. Sooner or later, it’s likely to land in the trash.

Metal spinners have an edge over spin tops made of any other material because metal is more durable and generally much heavier. This added weight makes for a smoother, faster spin when you are using it.

Precision spinning tops made from metal are machined with precision tools that ensure there is an equal balance to create a longer and much smoother spin.

Plastic tops are usually created in molds and can have small defects that negatively affect the longevity of the spin. Many adults, and kids, use the spinners as a form of fidget toy. When you’re looking for a fidget toy, chances are you’re aiming for a long spin that’s enjoyable to watch. Our tops can hit over 10 minutes of spin! A plastic top can only dream of speeds like that.

There are a variety of metal tops that are used at Bruce Charles Design.

All of our spin tops have a 4 mm silicon nitride ceramic ball that is pressed into place. There are 4 varieties of tops that we have and they include brass, bronze, stainless steel and the Fused Version is a lightweight core of aluminum with a shrink for brass outer ring that allows for higher inertia. 

Machined precision spinning tops offer durability and many other attributes that keep your spinner working perfectly for a longer period of time. 

Metal Tops Win In Every Category

When opting for metal tops over plastic, you’ll end up with a far more durable product that can last years and years with minimal maintenance and care. Metal won't snap into pieces if impacted or dropped. This makes metal spinning tops the most durable spinning tops on the market!

When metal spinning tops come in contact with metal they will not scratch or dent. This means metal spinning tops can be played indoors and outdoors, whereas plastic ones are only meant for indoor play as they won't last long if used outside. Metal tops won't break down over time and metal spinning tops are also easy to grip which makes this metal top perfect for children.

Why Do Metal Tops Matter?

Most of our clients, when leaving reviews, tell us that they love our spinners because of one thing… the length of time it spins. The big benefit of metal tops is that they are made from solid pieces of metal, hand-machined to precision, and focus on creating a perfectly-weighted spin.

With metal tops from Bruce Charles Design, you can easily spin it for 3 minutes on your first few attempts, and with the right surface, easily hit 10+ minute spin times. The ability to spin so well comes from the types of metal used in our tops and the pressed 4 mm ball bearing. The metal tops can even appear to not be moving at all because of how well balanced they are. 

When you have a top spinner toy for your kids, you can rest assured that it will last longer and you will get more value for your money. A spinning top made of metal can provide a much different experience than a top made from plastic

It is sometimes hard to find recommendations you can trust, but when it comes to metal vs plastic, the overall information out there shows it provides a much better experience.

The next time you’re thinking of purchasing a spinning top, consider choosing metal over plastic. Metal is a fantastic material for spinning tops, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.