Metal Fidget Sliders: A Sleek Productivity Booster |

Metal Fidget Sliders: A Sleek-Designed Productivity Booster

While many people are familiar with fidget spinners as tools for adults and children with various anxiety and attention disorders, we have perfected the art of the fidget slider. Using the same high-quality CNC machining process as our other works, these durable metal fidget sliders are not mere toys. They're the perfect handheld stress-relieving accessory for people of all ages who need something to help them regain and enhance their focus, increase productivity, and reduce anxiety. 

The Effectiveness of Fidgeting

Fidget toys, like magnetic fidget sliders, are a safe and effective way to help cope with anxiety and excess energy. Many people experience anxiety, which can result from pressure at work or home to generalized anxiety disorder. Statistics demonstrate that over 4 percent of the adult population in the United States alone has ADHD. It is very common for adults and children to have other comorbid conditions, such as anxiety. As anyone who has ever dealt with any of these conditions can attest, they can hinder productivity as attention wavers and nervous energy diminishes focus and motivation.

Although conditions such as anxiety and ADHD can impede productive function, having a fidget slider or similar toy can actually help reduce these symptoms and help restore your focus. During an anxious episode, you have excess energy which needs to be released.  A metal fidget slider is similar to widely used stress balls but is designed for a more satisfying (and less arm-aching) effect. Fidget toys are intended to be fun and engaging without disrupting the activity at hand, making them ideal for adults.

When we designed our innovative fidget slider, we thought about the noise and activity of a fidget spinner and how it's not always ideal for an office environment or crowded workplace. Some adults feel self-conscious about using spinners, as they are typically categorized as children's toys. On the other hand, fidget sliders are rugged and sleek. This makes them perfect for anyone who needs a subtle and helpful way to expend excess nervous energy. 

If you need to occupy idle hands, fidget sliders are the perfect option for you. Our sliders are made in several different configurations using brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel or titanium. They're sleek, stylish, and perfect for all ages! Working the magnetic fidget slider is quiet but tactile, giving you the best outlet for idle energy without calling attention to yourself.

The Value of Quality

Every metal fidget slider we make is CNC machined and designed for maximum durability and flair. Our fidget sliders come in two product lines, each designed with the same amount of care, attention to detail, and workmanship that all our products faithfully embody. All our sliders are proudly produced locally in Dallas, Texas. We love to capture the homey feeling at the heart of all our products.

They are equally satisfying in hand or sitting on your desk, offering a gleaming, well-polished appearance right at home in any workplace—and even more at home in your fingertips. No matter how much you use these sliders to pass the time, help put your mind at ease, or add a bit of fun to your work breaks, they'll hold up and keep looking great. You'll feel this quality every time you use one of our adult fidget sliders.

Lowrey Sliders

The Lowrey line of sliders is affordable yet lasting. Each is crafted for a satisfying feel in hand, sporting a grooved and curved outer surface that won't leave your thumb sore. The tactile feel of these pieces makes for the perfect fidget tool experience, giving the sliding action a weighty and satisfying sensation. The neodymium magnets are fully enclosed in each piece, and grooves on the flat inner surfaces help give them that "snap" that makes them so much fun to use. 

The rugged look of the Lowrey sliders helps them fit into any kind of decor or workplace, serving as an eye-catching accessory without looking out of place. 

Aluminum and Brass

The aluminum in this slider is not polished, allowing it to show the complexity and character of its creation. With the aluminum and brass structure being permanently joined, the outer surface has the silvery gleam of the aluminum, while the inner face sports the warm flush of brass. 

Stainless and Brass

This slider's stainless steel outer face is slip-free and stain-free, perfect for a high-quality shine without the polish that will diminish the visual complexity of the machining patterns. If you prefer a better shine and a sleeker look, the polished stainless steel version is just right for you.

Titanium and Brass

Our titanium and brass sliders are polished for a mirror-quality finish that brings out the heavyweight appeal of titanium. Durable, weighty, and effective all in one solid offering. They also come in a vibratory-tumbled dark finish or are taken further and polished and electrically anodized into a striking blue color. 

Robertson Sliders

The Robertson line of sliders takes a bold look, eschewing form for function, creating its unique appeal in the process. With a minimalistic look, the Robertson sliders offer two different magnet strength levels and a wonderfully simple yet rugged aesthetic. It's also got plenty of tactile complexity, so you can always find a new way to "fidget." 

Brass Slider

The warm bronze tone makes this slider look amazing in your hand or desk, and the exposed design is even more eye-catching.

Copper Slider

The copper Robertson embodies all the prestige and potential of a limited-edition run. These sliders are daring and stunning, boasting the burnished appeal of our Robertson line while remaining light in hand.

Enhance Your Productivity and Mental Well-Being In the Workplace

If you're an adult living with ADHD, anxiety, or another similar condition, you need a fidget tool that is both discrete and beautiful. Boost your productivity and improve your mental well-being with handcrafted fidget toys designed with convenience, style, and effectiveness in mind.