The Meticulous Process Behind Crafting a Spinning Top |

The Meticulous Process Behind Crafting a Spinning Top

Fidget toys are found nearly everywhere these days, offering idle hands an outlet for excess energy. Whether it’s from anxiety, ADHD, or simple boredom, the fact is that many of us need something to help occupy our minds and give us something to “bleed off” some of the excess or nervous energy we feel at work, out in public, or even at home. Cue the rise of fidget toys, from handheld spinners to the classic spinning top. 

Bruce Charles Designs has taken the classic design and reimagined it through a meticulous CNC machining process in the form of metal spinning tops. The result is more than just a toy; it’s a work of art designed for a rugged yet graceful appearance. With our attention to detail and quality, you can trust that each of piece has been precision-crafted, thoroughly tested, and iterated upon until we found the perfect balance between style and sheer spinning efficacy. Each high-quality metal spinning top is custom-designed from concept to final product to be satisfying to spin and rugged enough to last for more spins than your hand will—you’ll want to put it to the test when you feel the balanced weight in your fingertips. 

The quality of the final product always reflects the care and quality of the parts and the process. The very best spinning tops are the ones that offer the most satisfaction when you look at them on your desk, feel them in your hand, and especially when you spin them. Here is how the best process creates the finest metal spinning tops. 

Why Go with a Metal Spinning Top?

You may ask why we choose to design a metal spinning top instead of plastic. What are the advantages? Plastic is cheaper, producing cheaper tops—it's only true advantage over metal. The true craftsman prefers the better product, which is why we prefer metal. Precision CNC-machined spinning tops offer a more appealing option than plastic. They’re more durable and won’t break or warp if you drop or step on them. 

The metal body combined with the silicon nitride ceramic bearing gives metal tops a much better balance, meaning that the spinning action is much smoother and more satisfying than that of non-metallic tops on the market. The spin will last longer, thanks to the precision engineering and balance atop the bearing. When combined with our glass bases, it gives you a complete tactile, audible, and aesthetically-appealing experience.

On top of their strength and weighty spin, the metal spinning top simply looks cooler than its plastic counterpart. Everything about the metal tops makes them a better choice than plastic, from start to finish. Whether you’re bored at work or find that spinning the top helps you regain your focus and reduce anxiety, we feel you should have the most gratifying spinning experience possible. That adherence to quality and attention to detail infuses every product leaving our facility.

The Most Important Step: Choosing the Metal 

Choosing the right metal for a spinning top is an important step. Each metal has different advantages that make it appealing for the body of the top. From price to durability, the metal we craft the spinning tops out of can have a tangible impact on the feel and function of the top—something you’ll notice every time you give it a spin. 


Brass is a warm and flexible metal, looking great in any setting. Their weight and durability make them ideal for repeated use, so they’re perfect for spinning at any time. While its burnished beauty is a good enough reason on its own to use brass for spinning tops, it is also resistant to corrosion, so no matter how much you use it, your finger should wear out well before the brass does.

Fused Aluminum and Brass

Combining the beauty of brass with the sleek, lightweight construction of aircraft-grade aluminum allows us to create a top that spins for longer without making it too heavy. Because aluminum is lighter than brass, the fusion of the two creates a striking visual contrast and a weight distribution that enhances every spin. 

Stainless Steel

By its very nature, stainless steel offers a uniquely polished and gleaming finish that is sure to catch the eye. Stainless steel tops feel good between your fingertips with their knurled handle and high relative strength. As a metal of choice, stainless steel makes a lasting impression as the body of your fidget.


Few metals offer the rich, extravagant feel and appearance that bronze does. When we create bronze spinning tops, they can spin for over ten minutes and command a powerful presence on your desk. Bronze creates an unrivaled feel in your fingertips, making you want to turn it again and again, while ensuring that it won’t corrode or lose its stunning finish. 

A Precision Process

Many of our pieces are precision CNC-machined from a single piece of metal. Each is designed and machined with an eye toward detail. The knurled handle on each spinning top is designed for a comfortable, effective grip without leaving your fingertips sore and boasts either a raw, natural machined finish or a sleek polish that makes the top stand out no matter where you set it.

Each top is set with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing, which allows you to spin the top effortlessly and keeps it going long after other tops have wound themselves into the dirt. 

Covering the Bases

Not everyone has access to a good surface to spin their top. Some want an equally craftsman-like setting in which to spin them. Bruce Charles Designs also applies the meticulous process of rigorous quality to our spinning bases made of beautifully finished wood, with concave glass lenses that give you the perfect surface to spin your metal tops for a new record.

One Part Process, One Part Pride

We’re proud of the craftsmanship and care that goes into making our spinning tops and bases. Each piece is precision machined and perfectly embodies our core commitment to quality and value. Once you’ve tried the endless (and endlessly satisfying) spinning action of a well-crafted fidget, you’ll feel the difference in every energetic turn.