The Captive Nut - Quirky Key Hooks

The Captive Nut - Quirky Key Hooks

Fidget toys are not just for kids- they have benefits for adults too! When life gets stressful, fidget toys can be the answer to helping you relax. Fidget toys can decrease boredom and focus-fatigue and can also boost productivity!

"While fidgeting used to be most noticeable in kids with ADHD or anxiety, in the era of endless zoom calls and more people working from home, fidgeting has become an adult problem as well," says .. "Anxiety, nervous energy, boredom, and fidgeting can be a thief of concentration and productivity in our workday. It can also lead to unwanted habits such as leg shaking, nail-biting, skin picking, and even checking our phones too often."

The Bruce Charles Designs Captive Nut Keychain is the best of both worlds! A CNC machined keychain, the Captive Nut is designed to come apart from the center and offers detachable key rings at both ends for car keys, house keys, and remote FOBs. This is every day carry made to hold more every day.

But it's also perfect for fidgeters. Need some stress relief? Grab The Captive Nut and fidget, fiddle, and spin your anxieties away. The nut spins up and down the length of the keychain for hours of silent, soothing, and discreet fidgeting. You can fidget in your car while you're stuck in traffic or at your desk during those endless meetings.

But don't just take our word for it. So many customers rave about the fidget aspect of this unique keychain!

Captive Nut Puzzle

With The Captive Nut fidget keychain, you can keep your hands busy, your mind engaged, and your keys organized!