Who is Bruce Charles Designs?

Bill Strahan - The Man Behind the Lathe

Bruce Charles Designs is not just named after one man, but rather a combination of three men - two named Bruce and one named Charles.

You see, the beginning of Bruce Charles Designs, founded by Bill Strahan, really started years ago as Bill grew up. The three most influential people in his life - Bill's 2 grandfathers and his father - laid a strong foundation. These three men are the inspiration behind the company's name. With a grandfather and a father named Bruce, and another grandfather named Charles, the naming was easy.


Bill, the man behind the lathe, grew up watching and learning from these men. He got a front-row seat to watch an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and welder at work.

"I learned from my dad that there is almost nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it," Bill shared.

When Bill started turning the Schulte spinning top on his lathe and decided to start Bruce Charles Designs, it was only natural to name the company as a tribute to Bruce, Bruce Jr., and Charles for shaping Bill into the man he is today. Over two years after opening BCD, Bill sat down with us to reflect on our company's progress and future.

"The last two years have been a whirlwind! They've also confirmed my choice of naming for Bruce Charles, since I truly couldn't have done this without the examples of my father and both of my grandfathers. I switch between my business hat, engineer hat, and fabricator hat several times each day.  And each of those hats, in turn, was fashioned for me by forefathers. My appreciation and gratitude for them has only grown during this experience."

As Bruce Charles Designs continues to evolve, we will continue to offer our customers more unplugged toys for the active mind! Follow us on Instagram to see Bill and his lathe in action and to hear about our newest products as soon as they become available!