Metal Spinning Tops Make Great Unplugged Toys

Glass Lens for Spinning Top is Key for Long Spin Times

If you're wanting to improve your spin times, look no further than the Bruce Charles Designs Spin Surface Base.

Every top enthusiast (including this instagram follower!) knows the surface you spin on makes all the difference. That's why our spinning top base is key.

Our base is the perfect combination of our spinning top lens + a beautiful base. With a hard, smooth, slightly concave surface (on both sides!), our spinning top lens provides extra-long spin times. But sometimes, just a lens by itself isn't quite enough. It might make for amazing spins, but your spin game steps it up even more when you add the wood base. The lens fits snugly inside a precision-machined pocket in a ¾" thick piece of hand-selected Teak or Black Walnut wood to create a visually stunning and quality top base.

But don't just take our word for it. Spinning top enthusiast, Daryl, owns more than 250 spinning tops! And he shares, "My favorite BCD product to recommend would be the Teak Wood Spinning Base with Fused Silica Glass Concave Lens, especially if paired with any of the Schulte tops to create a great introductory spinning top package for someone. The lens provides for an optimum spin with any of my tops."

Our spinning top base is a great way to keep your spinning top in one place. The lens strikes a balance between low resistance and a strong centering action to keep slightly off-center spins contained within the 4" diameter. The spin base also serves to protect your table or desk from any dents and dings from heavier spinning tops and prolong the life of the spinning contact point of your top as well!

Brass Spin Tops

If your goal is to achieve the longest spin from your top, all while looking good, a Bruce Charles Designs Spinning Base is paramount. It's truly a beautiful way to achieve those long spin times and will make a statement on any desk as it displays your tops in between spins.