If you're a fidgeter or suffer from anxiety, a stress toy could help ease your symptoms to get through a long day. They're small, discreet, and an affordable way to bring more comfort and reduce jittery nerves. 

How Do Stress Toys Work?

Stress toys, whether you squeeze or fidget with them, release energy and help you relax. Squeezable stress balls are also shown to relieve arthritis and strengthen muscles in the hands and wrist. However, stress balls aren't always a good option if you're prone to fidgeting and need to keep your hands busy all day and your mind engaged. A Stress Toy like a fidget slider may be a better option for you or your loved ones.

Fidget Sliders

Fidget sliders can help reduce your stress during a challenging day. Our Lowrey Aluminum & Brass Magnetic Slider was manufactured with fully enclosed neodymium magnets for an optimal grip and feel. The sliders are CNC-machined from a single billet of precipitation-hardened aluminum for ultimate durability. Most importantly to those who need to fidget, they're a satisfying way to release energy and keep your hands engaged. See our entire collection of magnetic sliders here


Captive Nut Keychain

Why not store your keys on a Captive Nut Keychain for fun and functionality at the same time? It's always within reach and keeps your hands busily moving the nut up and down the keychain. Like our Lowrey Slider, the Captive Nut Keychain is also CNC-machined, but with solid brass for durability. 

Stress Toy

Schulte Brass Spinning Top

The Schulte Brass Spinning Top is another great option for a stress toy to pass the time. This high-end top features a knurled upper top and silicon nitride ceramic bearing.

Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

Enjoy this spinning top that doubles as a work of art. Our Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top pairs perfectly with your metal fidget toy collection or makes a unique gift.

Bronze Spinning Top

You'll love reaching for this unique stress toy that spins across your desk or tabletop. Fidget with it during a meeting or while waiting for that important phone call.

Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Our Stainless Steel Spinning Top is more than just a toy, it's an experience. Enjoy building up your spin time for a satisfying experience.  

Stress Toy Reviews

Want to see what our customers think about our selection of stress toys and more? Read some of our reviews for our metal sliders, spinning tops, and captive nut keychains directly from our customers:

"Purchased the Fidget slider. Quality far beyond expectations. I own close to 100 sliders like this some 20x the price. This holds its own with anything in my collection. Buy one you won't be disappointed!"

"What a great little device. This piece is way more than I expected. Made with precision from high quality materials, it is easy to carry and it is FUN and RELAXING to fiddle with. The Valet Key feature is a wonderful touch. Make some more neat stuff for us please."

"The precision machining on this top is immediately apparent, and I was able to get impressive spin times right out of the box as a very inexperienced top spinner."

Purchase Your Own Stress Toy

Refocus your fidgeting from something frustrating to fun with your own stress toy. Browse the entire selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect item for you or gift it to a loved one.