Our Stainless Steel Spinning Top is a fun and functional challenge but also a work of art. They make the perfect gift for the person that has everything or enjoys unique keepsakes.

Instead of fiddling with pens or items on your desk, our stainless steel spinning top is fascinating to watch and builds skill and concentration. Spin them, again and again, to refine your technique or pass the time during a call. 


Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Bruce Charles Designs prides itself on expert craftsmanship for a rewarding experience. All of our tops contain a high-quality silicon nitride ceramic bearing. Our customers love placing their tops on display in their homes, at work, or bringing them along on the road as a stress reliever. 


Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

If you want a variation on our stainless spinning tops, try our Aluminum & Brass Spinning top. This top also comes manufactured with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. They're the perfect gift or keepsake for your favorite room. Mix and match your own set and create your collection to share with friends and family.

Bronze Spinning Top

If you're looking to broaden your collection of brass spin tops, try our bronze edition. They're the perfect way to unplug from your device. This classic beauty also comes with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing and is engineered for quality and excellence. It's more than a toy or gadget; it's a work of art that can spin for over 10-minutes.

Tops + Teak Spin Base Pack

If you can't stop at just one stainless steel spinning top, our pack of four spinning tops makes the perfect keepsake or gift. Spin the tops on the base and refine your skills and build up your spin time. We also provide bases with a concave lens for a complete experience. 


Bases for Your Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Pair your favorite spinning top with a Spinning Base in a variety of styles. The included glass concave lenses on our bases keep your tops spinning for your longest spin time yet.


Spinning Top Reviews

"The product is a quality product. It works incredibly well. I would recommend buying the spinning top and using the glass to spin it on. After a few practice spins, I was able to spin it for seven and a half minutes." - Kenneth Gehring

"My kids discovered spinning tops, and so I wanted to purchase a nice one for them to use. The design, packaging, and quality of the Bruce Charles spinning top is amazing. My kids love it and keep track of who has the best time, what chore they can finish before the spinner stops, etc. As a teacher, I plan on incorporating this spinner in my classroom to challenge students to see how many multiplication problems they can solve before the spinner finishes. Wonderful product! Would definitely recommend." - Krista M.

"Great little top. Very well packaged, and I'm very happy with it. I got a little over 5 minutes my first spin and around 7 minutes a few spins later. I haven't spun a top since I was a kid. I have it on my desk and spin it regularly." - PNW

What is the Best Surface to Spin My Stainless Steel Spinning Top?

Whenever possible, choose a hard, dry, and clean surface for your stainless steel spinning top or other tops. A concave mirror, lens, or ceramic spinning base works well. A hard surface helps minimize the friction between the tip and the surface. You can also use a moderately concave surface for learning and playing with your top. However, the less concave your surface is, the longer your spins will be. 

Purchase Your Own Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Ready to purchase your own stainless steel spinning top? Browse the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top for you or your loved ones.