If you love to fidget, you already know how satisfying and therapeutic a slider toy can feel. Your hands stay busy, your mind engaged, and your nerves fade away. However, so many slider toys are cheaply made and not designed with adults in mind. Bruce Charles Designs goes beyond the status quo of selling plastic gadgets and created a superior Slider Toy collection, spinning tops, and captive nut puzzles. Take a look at what we offer to satisfy your need to fidget.

Slider Toy

We're obsessed with the design (and re-design) process, which shows in our Lowrey Aluminum & Brass Magnetic Slider. Manufactured with fully enclosed neodymium magnets for an optimal grip and feel, this slider toy focuses on a stunning way to fidget without compromising on quality. It's the perfect way to pass the time or give to the fidgeter in your life.

Lowrey Stainless & Brass Magnetic Slider

Enjoy our Lowery Slider in a combination of stainless steel and brass. Like our other slider toy options, it lets you express your excess energy in a satisfying way.


Lowrey Polished Stainless & Brass Magnetic Slider

We also created our slider toy in polished stainless steel and brass to bring more life to your collection. Enjoy sliding it while waiting in line during errands or before a meeting.

Lowrey Polished Titanium & Brass Magnetic Slider

Our unique titanium and brass slider toy option is durable, textured, and polished to a mirror finish. It's a keepsake to cherish or give to a loved one.

Captive Nut Keychains

Don't stop at a slider toy and expand your collection with our Captive Nut Keychains that are CNC-machined from solid brass for durability. They're fun, functional, and hold your keys while keeping your hands busy. 

Spinning Tops

Our All Four Schulte Tops + Wood Spin Base Gift Pack features our entire selection of high-quality spinning tops. Fidget your way through the day with brass, bronze, stainless steel and fused aluminum, and brass tops with knurled tops. Our customers report a spin-time of 8 to 12 minutes or more! It's a hobbyist's dream and offers years of delight.

Slider Toy Reviews

Learn more about our slider toy options straight from our satisfied customers. 

"Exactly what I needed. I tried a few fidgets of varying design and didn't find that any of them kept my hands busy. The Lowrey slider is well-built and a clever design. You could run it over with a car, and it would be fine. I am also glad I was able to purchase it from a family business."

"I am not usually a contributor on review posting, but someone gave me an early Christmas present this year, and I wanted to share it with fellow fidgeters. I tend to fidget, fiddle, and squirm, and I might sometimes display other signs of anxiety, so it is nice to find a company who feels my pain. I want to thank you, BC. I have always been fascinated with magnetism, and this new product is excellent. The materials and construction are top-notch. It makes for a great conversation starter. You just WANT to touch it. You can also make a variety of sounds with it. I am practicing a lot with the different angles and sounds you can make, but you also need to practice using it in stealth mode just in case you need to fidget in a quiet setting. I don't have any idea how you guys think this stuff up, but please keep up the good work."

Purchase Your Own Slider Toy

Keep your hands and mind engaged with your own slider toy that doubles as a work of art. Or browse our entire collection of toys and gadgets from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect item for you or your loved ones.