Spinning tops were once children's toys made from clay or plastic. Spin time was challenging, and few gave tops much regard as a skill or pastime. Today, Precision Spinning Tops are machine-made with steel, bronze, aluminum, and other metals. As machinery and technology advanced, tops are made more precise with knurled tops and high-quality bearings, like a silicon nitride ceramic option.

Why Choose Precision Spinning Tops?

Precision spinning tops are more expensive than the average generic options made from plastic or wood. However, they're beautiful enough to sit on your desk but small enough to fit in your pocket. They also make unique and stunning gifts for friends and family. When spinning tops are skillfully created with suitable machinery and an artisan's touch, they glide across the surface for eight minutes or more. Our customers love trying to beat their personal best. 

What Types of Precision Spinning Tops Are Available?

Bruce Charles Designs creates precision spinning tops in a variety of metals, including stainless steel. Our designs feature a knurled upper top for a better grip. Launch your top and watch it glide across your desk or countertop.

Stainless Steel Top

Enhance your collection of gadgets or fidget toys with our stunning Stainless Steel Spinning Top. Like all of our precision spinning tops, it's engineered for excellence with superior craftsmanship.

Schulte Brass Spinning Top

Put the electronics and devices away and pick up our Schulte Brass Spinning Top. This top makes the perfect gift or keepsake and comes with a knurled upper top and silicon nitride ceramic bearing.

Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

In addition to stainless steel and brass options, we also created a Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top. It makes an ideal gift for the person in your life who has it all.

Bronze Spinning Top

Our Bronze Spinning Top is the perfect option to refine your skill and focus. Enjoy it while keeping your hands busy during a conference call or unwind after a long day.

What Surface Should I Use for My Precision Spinning Tops?

Pair your favorite machined spinning top with one of our specially crafted Spinning Bases. Choose from a variety of options to fit your signature style. The glass concave lenses on our bases keep your tops spinning long after the competition.

Precision Spinning Top Reviews

"Definitely an adult-quality top! I've been able to get 5+ minute spins on granite countertops. Would probably work even better on a glass stage" - S. Elmorre

"Wow, this one spins better than any top I've ever bought before, even other premium brass pieces... literally left it spinning on an old wood desk while I checked my email, and when I looked back, not only was it still spinning, it was spinning in one place! Love this thing, so easy to get it going, too, the balance is super duper awesome, yet the piece isn't too heavy to carry around in a pocket" - basalawarmi

"This top is precision machined for "top" performance, and the knurled brass of the grip makes it easy to spin. For lovers of fidget spinners and tops, this is a Ferrari!" - Pedro

What Other Products Does Bruce Charles Designs Make?

Beyond precision spinning tops, Bruce Charles Designs also creates beautiful machinist puzzles. The Captive Nut Keychain is the perfect stress reliever while you fidget your stress and anxieties away. Hold it in your hand and spin it up and down the length of your key chain for hours of fun. The keychain is CNC machined from solid brass that offers durability from scratches against your car keys. It's discreet enough to use under the desk at meetings and keeps you entertained while waiting for appointments. 

Purchase Your Own Precision Spinning Tops

Ready to purchase your own precision spinning top? Browse the entire selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top for you or your loved ones.