Precision Machined Spinning Tops are a unique and innovative piece to keep near your desk, on your coffee table, or your favorite place to think. Not sure how to make the most of your new tops? Here are some of the benefits of using precision machined spinning tops.

Challenging & Fun

Precision machined spinning tops are engineered for excellence with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. They're easy to use right away but require some practice to get them spinning as long as possible. Perfect your technique during downtime, in between meetings, or when you need a brain break during the day and see how long you can get it to spin.

Machined Spinning Top - Brass

Increased Focus

Sometimes keeping your hands busy and engaging your mind increases your focus and decreases stress. Studies show that physical activity, including fidgeting with hands, increases levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine in the way ADHD medications do.

Reach for precision machined spinning tops to try them for yourself. You'll enjoy the tactile engagement and visual stimulation that makes you feel calmer, more focused, and creative throughout the day.

Conversation Piece

Our precision machined spinning tops are crowd-pleasers and conversation pieces. Whether you're showing off a brass or solid stainless steel top, you'll love the polished and brilliant finish. Spinning tops also come with a long history.

Archaeologists documented clay spinning tops dating back to 4,000 B.C. Entertain your guests with its history while showing off your growing skill at keeping your tops spinning.

Machined Spinning Top - Stainless Steel

Works of Art

There's more to household art than paintings and sculptures. Our exquisite precision machined spinning tops are beautifully crafted. Pair them with one of our concave glass bases to enhance your experience. Place them on your desk as a centerpiece or game area for a look that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Unique Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one or colleague can feel challenging; instead of the usual gadgets and gift cards, they present unique precision machined spinning tops.

Our Four Metal Spinning Tops come with a teak top base and spinning glass double concave lens. Get our precision machined spinning tops in brass, bronze, stainless steel, and fused aluminum and brass tops. They're all crafted with a knurled top with an average spin time of 8 to 12 minutes.


How Do Spinning Tops Work?


Precision Machined Spinning Tops Reviews

"Love this top! Super smooth, so far, I’m averaging just over 5 minutes of spin time (on a hard surface). Have had one perfect spin last 10 minutes and 4 seconds." - AJ Brann

"Such a fun top! We got this to go along with the teak base and it's a great combo. Love the two-tone metal. It makes for a really pretty top. We've had the top out in our living room with the wooden base and we've had several fun spin competitions with friends and family. It's got a great grip, and even as beginners, we've gotten some pretty good spin times!" M. O'Neal

"These little machined tops are VERY well done. They make thoughtful gifts for corporate guy/gal with a desk or even just a keepsake to pass on to your kids. PRO-TIP: Get the bi-concave glass to go with it...really helps with the spin time, and it just looks pro together.I got a spin time of over 13min w/ a really good snap! Crazy how long it will spin." - DeVere

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