If you're looking for a long spinning top that beats your own personal spin time, you need a high-quality product that delivers. Bruce Charles Designs creates tops with silicon nitride ceramic bearings, machinist puzzles, sliders, and more for all of your fidgeting needs. They're designed to be fun and functional and serve as a collectible to show off at work or home. 

Enjoy a New Challenge

Spinning tops are among the oldest toys discovered by archeologists. They were made of clay and evolved to wood, plastic, and high-quality metals. A Long Spinning Top offers impressive spins and challenges its users to practice and focus. While you're having fun, your mind and hands are engaged and calm your urge to fidget. If you struggle with being overly competitive with everyone in your life, turning to a long spinning top could also offer an outlet to re-focus your energy.

Practice Focusing

Struggling with focus and concentration often derails your routine and distracts you from important tasks. However, studies show our brains operate best when toggling between focus and unfocus which allows the development of resilience and creativity, leading to better decision-making processes. Playing with tops and focusing on the movement could raise the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine levels. These results are similar to how ADHD medications work to improve our focus and overall mood. 

Sooth Social Jitters

Even the most seasoned business pros struggle with social interactions. Some coping mechanisms, like self-defeating talk or an expectation of the worst, create a negative environment. Placing your collection of long spinning tops on your desk serves as an instant conversation starter and place to focus. You can talk about your favorite fidget toys and the history of how you acquired them all. If you're on the go, you can always slip one of our Lowrey Magnetic Sliders in your pocket instead for some quick fidgeting relief. 

Give a Long Spinning Top as a Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts are a meaningful part of building relationships with colleagues, employees, and clients. It's a way to show your appreciation in a tangible way. Instead of the usual gift baskets and pen sets, a collection of spinning tops and one of our concave bases is a unique choice. Our long spinning tops come in brass, bronze, stainless steel, and fused aluminum and brass. We crafted our selection with knurled tops and high-quality materials. Many of our customers report up to a 12-minute spin time! 

Long Spinning Top Reviews

Learn more about long spinning tops straight from our customers:

"This top is a great design...just the right size and weight to be pocket size, easy to spin, and super long spin times. I love the bronze hint of rose gold. I keep one at my desk, and it is a great focus tool when trying to work through tougher problems. So far, not a single person has stopped at my desk, or table has been able to resist giving it a spin. I'm up to about 8.5 minutes spin time!"

"Great little top. Very well packaged, and I'm very happy with it. I got a little over 5 minutes my first spin and around 7 minutes a few spins later. I haven't spun a top since I was a kid. I have it on my desk and spin it regularly."

"I ordered this for my 11-year-old grandson. He is autistic and very intelligent. He just loves it, and so does his 4-year-old brother. He has greatly improved his spin time. And it helps him concentrate on his schoolwork."

Purchase a High-Quality Spinning Top

Ready to purchase a long spinning top for yourself or a loved one? Browse the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top to start your own collection.