Whether you want to reward an employee or congratulate a loved one, a job promotion gift recognizes their accomplishment and offers a keepsake to remember the occasion. Instead of a traditional pen set or briefcase, our collection of spinning toys, fidget toys, and gadgets make a Job Promotion Gift they'll never forget. Here are a few options to choose from.

Schulte Brass Spinning Top

The Schulte Brass Spinning Top features a knurled upper stem and silicon nitride ceramic bearing. It's fun, high-quality, and makes the perfect job promotion gift.

Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Gift our Stainless Steel Spinning Top and watch your loved ones delight in building up their own personal spin time. It's elegant, durable, and a perfect addition to anyone's desk.

Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

Our Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top is a work of art. It glides effortlessly against a desk or on our concave glass lens bases. 

Bronze Spinning Top

Our Bronze Spinning Top makes an ideal job promotion gift for anyone who loves to fidget. It's perfect for the office or home use. 

Tops + Teak Spin Base Pack

Instead of gifting a single spinning top, choose our gift set with four tops and an accompanying base with a concave lens. It's the perfect way to fidget quietly, engage your mind, and pass the time during a phone meeting.

Corporate Gifting - Spinning Tops

Fidget Sliders

Our Lowrey Aluminum & Brass Magnetic Slider features enclosed neodymium magnets for an optimal grip and feel. For ultimate durability, the sliders are CNC-machined from a single billet of precipitation-hardened aluminum. They're satisfying to use and help release nervous energy or help someone unwind after a long day. Browse our entire collection of magnetic fidget sliders here.

Captive Nut Keychain

The Captive Nut Keychain is a functional and fun job promotion gift for everyone on your list. The nut slides up and down the keychain and keeps idle hands busy all day. Like our Lowrey Slider, the Captive Nut Keychain is also CNC-machined, but with solid brass for durability. 

Stress Toy

Job Promotion Gift Reviews

"Awesome high-quality keepsake! These little machined tops are VERY well done. They make thoughtful gifts for corporate guy/gal with a desk or even just a keepsake to pass on to your kids. PRO-TIP: Get the bi-concave glass to go with it...really helps with the spin time, and it just looks pro together. I got a spin time of over 13min w/ a really good snap! Crazy how long it will spin."

"Amazing engineering and packaging. It's hard to express getting something that so thoroughly meets and exceeds expectations! Perfect gift for that someone who has everything but didn't know there was room for such a simple joy. Not like any top I've ever held! On one of my first attempts, I did a spin that went 6 minutes! No tools, no strings, finger and thumb and it just goes and goes. It has to be perfectly designed and milled."

"It's apparent that a lot of thought and effort was put into each aspect of the slider. It looks fantastic, has a perfect balance of weight and size, and can be manipulated in a number of ways for spins, snaps, and more. The excellent execution of each detail makes the Lowrey Slider feel more like a treasured heirloom than a toy. I can already tell this slider is going to be my constant companion - and I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come."

Find the Perfect Job Promotion Gift

Ready to purchase a job promotion gift for your team members or a loved one? Make a lasting impression with the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top for your clients.