An EDC Spinning Top is an innovative way to keep your hands and mind occupied, and it also doubles as a work of art that serves as a conversation starter. Bruce Charles Designs' EDC Spinning Tops also make a unique gift or addition to your collection.

You'll never get bored with an EDC spinning top nearby. Pull out your tops and enjoy a friendly competition to see who can spin the longest and beat your own personal best time. 

What Is an EDC Spinning Top?

An EDC Spinning Top, like this stainless steel version, is created with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. We take pride in creating stunning tops that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Pair your EDC spin top with a concave glass lens from our collection to improve your experience and spin time.


Bronze Spinning Top

Bruce Charles Designs also creates bronze tops to add to your collection. Like our steel spinning top, our bronze piece also features a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. Enjoy the sleek look and weigh in your hand while working on your spin time. Many of our customers report a spin time of over 10-minutes and continue to challenge their skill.

Fused Aluminum & Bronze Spinning Top

Unplug from your devices and give your mind a chance to relax. Our Aluminum & Bronze Spinning Top spin across your table in a splash of color.

Tops + Teak Spin Base Pack

A variety pack of spinning tops delights your loved ones and colleagues. Gift it to everyone on your list. Our four-top collection comes with an accompanying base with a concave lens for an all-in-one EDC spinning top experience.


Bases for Your EDC Spinning Top

A new EDC spinning top deserves a high-quality Spinning Base. Choose from a variety of styles. The glass concave lenses on our bases keep your tops spinning long after the competition.


EDC Spinning Top Reviews

"The Bruce Charles Design Schulte Fused Aluminum & Brass Metal Top came in the mail the next day when I ordered it. The packaging was professionally done and the top was beautiful. I got a glass lens and a teak wood base to spin it on which was a perfect addition. I love it and highly recommend it to others!" - Hallie Lane

"These little machined tops are VERY well done. They make thoughtful gifts for corporate guy/gal with a desk or even just a keepsake to pass on to your kids. PRO-TIP: Get the bi-concave glass to go with it...really helps with the spin time and it just looks pro together.I got a spin time of over 13min w/ a really good snap! Crazy how long it will spin." - DeVere

"This is a quality product. I have a sizable collection of tops from eBay generics to expensive custom-made tops with exotic metals, and in that large collection this top never manages to gather dust. I just love spinning it so much! It has a simple and elegant design with excellent weight. It really is an excellent product, and the polish on the brass is gorgeous. Get the Bruce Charles spinning glass, it's amazing too!" - Sam

What is the Best Surface to Spin an EDC Spinning Top?

Choose a hard, dry, and clean surface for your steel spinning top whenever possible. Adding a concave mirror, lens, or ceramic spinning base enhances your experience with your top. You can also use a moderately concave surface for learning and playing with your top. However, the less concave your surface is, the longer your spins will be.

Purchase Your Own EDC Spinning Top

Ready to purchase your own EDC spinning top? Browse the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top for you or your loved ones.