A Desk Office Toy is a must if you have a stressful job, are prone to anxiety, or just need a way to stay engaged in between meetings. Traditional desk office toys are classic items like Newton's Cradle with swinging spheres striking one another to gag gifts and everything in between. Today's office toys are high-end functional items that help nervous fidgeters release excess energy and keep idle hands busy.

The quality desk office toy collection from Bruce Charles Designs looks more like work of arts than simple gadgets. Choose from our selection of magnetic sliders, nut puzzles, or spinning tops as collectibles or to give your usual office toys a refresh.

Fidget Sliders

Our Lowrey Magnetic Sliders come in well-crafted Aluminum & Brass, Polished Titanium & Brass, Polished Stainless & Brass, and Stainless & Brass. Its unique texture also offers a solid grip that still allows you to slide back and forth without letting it slip right out of your hands. We also chose enclosed neodymium magnets to give it a satisfying feel as you work the gadget and feel the click. Slip it in your pocket, and it's ready to go whenever you have downtime. 

High-End Spinning Tops

Spinning tops quickly turn into a competitive past-time with the help of our All Four Schulte Tops + Wood Spin Base Gift Pack. The pack comes in brass, bronze, stainless steel, and fused aluminum, and stainless steel tops, but you can also purchase them individually. Make sure to include a concave glass spinning base in your order to maximize your personal best spin time. 


Our Captive Nut Keychain is skillfully machined crafted in solid brass to offer functionality and a stunning piece to fiddle with. Slide on your keys and use it to stay organized for work or at home. Work the nut up and down when you're waiting or feeling anxious, and let the progress mesmerize you. 

Desk Office Toy Gifts

Desk office toys are a must-have for your own office but also make great corporate or employee gifts. Their unique design is unlike anything else on the market and can be proudly displayed on a desk. We also include upscale packaging for a high-end gifting experience.

Desk Office Toy Reviews

Learn more about our desk office toy reviews from our recent customers.

"Looks great, well balanced & spins 5 minutes easily. Seller communicated well and obviously takes pride in his work. You won't regret purchasing from this store."

"I bought a single spinning top and a glass base this past Fall. The employees I supervise took a liking to it, and I thought more variety was in order. We're all fond of this new kit, and everyone's spinning all the tops and comparing each other's times. Thank you, Bruce Charles Designs!"

"It is exactly what you would expect. Good craftsmanship, excellent packaging, spins "seemingly" forever. At times I thought surely it is no longer spinning, but it was. Nice gift."

"This was an amazing keychain that was perfect for me. I am the type of person that likes to fidget, and for me, this gave me the opportunity to have something that I can take with me and use to keep my hands busy. The keychain is very durable and will last for years to come. This is a great idea, and I am so glad to have found it!"

Purchase Your Own Desk Office Toy

Build a collection of tops, sliders, and keychains as a go-to whenever you need to fidget or want to keep your hands busy. Browse our entire selection of desk office toys from Bruce Charles Designs.