If you're a lifelong fidgeter, you know the joy and satisfaction of discovering the right toy to stay engaged. However, toys made from cheap materials aren't pleasing to fidget with or keep out on your desk. Instead of reaching for something inferior, choose a Custom Fidget Toy from Bruce Charles Designs. Our machine-precision toys are sophisticated, high-quality, and created with restless hands in mind. Here are some ideas to grow your collection with work-of-art pieces you'll love showcasing.

Fidget Slider

If you've ever used metal sliders before, you probably know the frustration of how easily they can slide apart and slip away from your grip. They're often loud, cheaply made, and aren't satisfying to fidget with. The Lowrey Magnetic Slider was created with an innovative and thoughtful design. This custom fidget toy is unlike anything you've tried before and fits neatly in your hand. Sliding it back and forth is satisfying and keeps your hands busy, while the enclosed neodymium magnets offer some resistance to keep the slider from coming apart and tumbling to the ground. Choose from our high-quality sliders created in Aluminum & Brass, Polished Titanium & Brass, Polished Stainless & Brass, and Stainless & Brass.

Custom Fidget Toy

Gravity-defying spinning tops have been mesmerizing children and adults for centuries. Spinning tops rely on the law of conservation of angular momentum to captivate your imagination. As friction against the surface builds, you'll hold your breath and wait to see how long the tops spin before they topple. Some of our clients report over ten minutes of satisfying spin time!

Challenge yourself to build up an impressive spin time. Choose from a variety of styles, or purchase our All Four Schulte Tops + Wood Spin Base Gift Pack for a complete collection of spinning tops.

Captive Nut Keychain

High-quality machinist puzzles are more than a fun game and are created as functional pieces of art through detailed machining. The end result challenges your mind or helps your hands relax during a long day. Slide the nut up and down on the Captive Nut Keychain during downtime or waiting for your next meeting. It also holds your keys, making it functional and easy to take with you everywhere you go.  

Custom Fidget Toy Reviews

A custom toy is a perfect pick for corporate gifting or to give your personal collection an upgrade. Mix and match sliders and tops, so your favorite find is always within reach to settle your nerves. If you're not sure where to start, learn more about our handmade fidget toys and other items from our happy customers:

"What a great spinning top. Beautiful in the hand and very easy to spin with control. I am new to spin tops; however, I got just under 9 minutes with my first spins. I now achieve 9 -11 minutes with just about every spin, and my best is 12 minutes 4 secs. I spin on a Bruce Charles base. Highly recommended."

"I love this smooth sliding haptic slider SO MUCH. I can hardly put it down. I really appreciate the versatility of use and ability to fidget on the down-low, with it being silent and non-disruptive to the non-fidgeters around me. Great quality product!"

"I bought this keychain to use at home but instantly realized it would be the perfect fidget tool to have in my classroom. Because of its durability, it will last through all of the students that need something to fidget with. It's also small enough to not draw attention to kids needing it. My students are already enjoying using it."

Purchase a Custom Fidget Toy

A custom fidget toy is something to celebrate and show off on your desk or living room table. Turn to Bruce Charles Designs start your collection of your new go-to favorites for hours of fun and relaxation. Browse our entire selection here.