Spinning tops are a fun, relaxing, and engaging way to pass the time. Whether you want to increase your spin time for your all-time best or are a fidgeter, a machined spinning top pairs perfectly with Concave Glass.

Concave Glass - Bruce Charles Designs

What Is Concave Glass?

Our Concave Fused Silica Glass Optical Lens enhances your spinning top collection. It pairs perfectly with any of our spinning tops that double as a work of art. Unlike other spinning top bases, this concave glass was crafted to extend the spin duration of any spinning tops' contact point.

You can read more about what makes the best spinning top base on our blog. Grab your favorite top or shop our collection for a perfect look.



For additional thickness, our 150mm Glass Concave Lens is a stunning spinning base. It's also precision machined, hard and durable suits all spin tops, including our selection of our knurled spinning tops.



What Types of Machined Spinning Tops and Concave Glass Are Available?

Spinning tops and concave glass make a unique gift for that person who loves the unexpected. Our Black Walnut Wood with Glass Concave Lens is made of natural Black Walnut. This base is also durable and water-resistant to delight any hobbyist.

This base is perfect for the person who has everything and loves unique gifts. Bruce Charles Designs also crafts a Teak Wood Spinning Base with a glass concave lens that will spin for years and make your favorite spin hobbyist smile. Choose between our teak or dark walnut to match the aesthetic of your home or office. 



The All Four Schulte Tops + Teak Spin Base Gift Pack

This innovative machined spinning top gift pack comes with a selection of Bruce Charles Spinning Tops. Your loved ones or colleagues will enjoy a Burmese Teak spin station base with fused silica glass and double-sided concave lens. The knurled tops boast an average spin-time from 8 to 12-minutes. 

Why Purchase a Concave Glass or Spinning Tops from Bruce Charles Designs?

Bruce Charles Designs is a family-owned business built on the foundation of family and years of tradition. We focus on superior craftsmanship with excellent engineering and an eye for detail.

Our items are perfect for unique gift-giving that blends form and function. Enjoy gifts and gadgets that are more than just a stunning gadget or toy, they offer ongoing visual stimulation to create a calmer and more creative day. Bruce Charles Designs also holds ourselves to rigorous standards with a relentless commitment to bringing you something far from ordinary. But if you aren't satisfied, we will refund you in full, no questions.

Concave Glass Reviews

"My son recommended this base for me. My spinner top lasts 2 more minutes than on other bases. Works really well. Looks really good on my desk. Recommended!" - Ramon Cabral

"Perfect concave glass spinning plate. I’m using right now for a bronze ForeverSpin top and with just a few tries I’ve achieved a spin of 3:10, and I had just received the top (my first since I was a child) the day before." - Phizley

"First off YES this is Concave, and YES it is high quality fused spinning glass. The price point at this size is truly amazing, I would easily pay twice as much. I also have spinning surfaces from ForeverSpin and other vendors, and this is far and away my favorite! I actually bought a second one, so I would have one for work and one for the office!" - Sam

"This is a terrific spinner's base. So smooth and the large size helps to get the top/s going. Definitely increased my spin times. Just try to get 3 tops spinning on a 3" base! Highly recommend."

Purchase Your Own Concave Glass

Ready to purchase your own concave glass or precision machined spinning tops? Browse the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the option for you.