Brass Spin Tops

Brass Spin Tops are more than a keepsake or toy; they're a work of art that's as functional as it is beautiful to look at. They're sleek, sophisticated, and a favorite among grown-ups and children alike.

Instead of fiddling with gadgets or pens, brass spin tops are fun and fascinating to watch. They offer endless entertainment whether you're relaxing at home or gathering with friends.

Brass Spin Tops

Our brass spin tops are expertly manufactured with a perfect silicon nitride ceramic bearing. We pride ourselves on high-quality craftsmanship for a rewarding experience. Brass spin tops also enhance the aesthetic of your favorite table or desk. Place it next to your workstation or coffee table, so it's always within reach.

Machined Spinning Top - Brass

Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

If you want a variation on our brass spinning tops, you'll love our Aluminum and Brass Spinning top. This top also comes manufactured with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. They're the perfect gift or keepsake for your favorite room. Mix and match your own set and create your collection to share with friends and family.

Bronze Spinning Top

If you're looking to broaden your collection of brass spin tops, try our bronze edition. They're the perfect way to unplug from your device. This classic beauty also comes with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing and is engineered for quality and excellence. It's more than a toy or gadget; it's a work of art that some of our customers report spinning for over 10-minutes.

Stainless Steel Spinning Top

The Bruce Charles Designs stainless steel spinning top also complements your favorite brass spin tops. This stainless steel top is sophisticatedly built with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. Many of our customers enjoy more than 8-minutes of spin time. It's polished, beautiful, and sparks conversation at your next dinner party or poker night.
Machined Spinning Top - Stainless Steel

Tops + Teak Spin Base Pack

There's no need to stop with a collection of brass spin tops. Instead, choose our pack of Four Metal Spinning Tops complete with a teak top base and spinning glass double concave lens. This gift set comes with brass, bronze, stainless steel, and fused aluminum and brass tops. All of our tops are carefully crafted with knurled tops. Watch them glide across the lens for your all-time personal best spin time.

Bases for Your Machined Spinning Top

Pair your favorite machined spinning top with a Spinning Base. Choose from our varied tops to fit your signature style. The glass concave lenses on our bases keep your tops spinning longer than ever before.

Machined Spinning Tops Reviews

"Wow, this one spins better than any top I've ever bought before, even other premium brass pieces... literally left it spinning on an old wood desk while I checked my email, and when I looked back not only was it still spinning, it was spinning in one place! Love this thing, so easy to get it going, too; the balance is super duper awesome, yet the piece isn't too heavy to carry around in a pocket."

"Super spinner This top is precision machined for "top" performance, and the knurled brass of the grip makes it easy to spin. For lovers of fidget spinners and tops, this is a Ferrari!"

"Extremely well made, perfectly balanced. I just got it an hour ago. I used my screen on my iPad, downloaded a free stopwatch, balanced the iPad on my lap, spun the top in the center of the screen and kept tilting it to keep it 5 minutes first try and after few more tries got 9:12 seconds.....very addictive. Be careful if you use the iPad screen, don’t drop the top onto the screen, just set it on the screen and spin. I suppose a mirror would work too. Liked this so much I ordered my son one and challenged him to his best time."

Purchase Your Own Brass Spin Tops

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