If you're a chronic fidgeter, you know it's more than a mindless habit; it's also something that alleviates stress, nerves, and unease. In some cases, excess fidgeting could also be a sign of ADHD and requires movement to settle your anxious energy. Fidgeting is generally accepted as a universal habit, but that can depend on how you channel it. Biting your nails in a meeting or nervously laughing at the wrong times can lead to embarrassment and a loss of confidence. You may not be able to stop your fidget response, but you can lean into it and embrace healthier ways to fidget! Start with a Brass Fidget Toy that looks high-end, adult-friendly, and serves as a conversation starter instead of a deterrent. 

Brass Fidget Toy that Spins

Soothe your jitters with a brass fidget toy that glides effortlessly on your desk or a concave glass lens base. Our high-quality spinning tops are perfect for releasing excess energy, passing the time, or keeping your hands busy during a phone call. They're also engaging. If you get bored with the same gadget, put your skills to the test and work towards a personal best spin time with your new brass fidget toy.

We offer spinning tops in brass, bronze, stainless steel and fused aluminum, and stainless steel tops. If you want some variety to your day, choose the All Four Schulte Tops + Wood Spin Base Gift Pack for a complete collection of all of our finest machine-precision tops.


Fidget Slider

You've likely never experienced the elegance and satisfaction of fidgeting with our Lowrey Magnetic Slider. the brass fidget toy offers a unique grip from its carefully textured craftsmanship. We offer our sliders in Aluminum & Brass, Polished Titanium & Brass, Polished Stainless & Brass, and Stainless & Brass. The sliders don't slip away and were thoughtfully created with enclosed neodymium magnets. Slip it into your pocket or keep one handy at work, the car, and at home, so your hands are always ready to fidget without derailing your day.

Captive Nut Keychain

Enjoy the satisfaction of fiddling with a Captive Nut Keychain while it keeps your keys within reach. Created from solid brass, this keychain resists scratches and is as discreet as it is functional. It's a joy to fiddle with and the perfect go-to item when you're caught waiting or about to go into a meeting and need to settle your nerves.

Brass Fidget Toy Reviews

Learn more about our fidget toy options straight from our satisfied customers. 

"I have a very LARGE fidget collection of every style; spinners, sliders…….and I believe that this one may be my very favorite. I’m a traveling sales rep and have a fidget product in my hand a lot. This slider is of great quality, nice to look at, very smooth sliding, quiet which is a biggie for slider clickers. The cost is crazy inexpensive compared to most all of my collection. Don’t hesitate to buy one."

"I've always been a fidgeter. Anytime I'm on the phone with someone, I am fidgeting with something on my desk and this has been exactly what I didn't even know I needed."

"The Lowrey is one of the best magnetic sliders I have used and I own 10 well known and not so well known sliders. Very well balanced and weighted appropriately. Magnets are slightly on the light side, in comparison to many others I have fidgeted with. Good for continued use without hand fatigue. Very well designed body with tactile thumb and finger slots. Bruce Charles Design make exceptional products at very affordable and competitive prices. Great tops and bases and now great sliders."

Purchase Your Own Brass Fidget Toy

Fidgeting doesn't have to be a source of embarrassment when you have a work of art to hold in your hand and soothe your nerves. Browse our selection from Bruce Charles Designs for a brass fidget toy or discover your favorite go-to option to keep your hands busy.