When you're accustomed to using inexpensive and mass-manufactured gadgets, the Best Machined Spinning Top feels like a luxury item. It's unique, precision-made, and looks more like a work of art than an upscale fidget toy. 

History of Spinning Tops

Spinning tops enjoy a long history dating back to the 35th century BC. Many ancient tops were initially carved from wood and later evolved to other materials, including clay, plastic, and metal. There's even an International Top Spinning Day on the 2nd Wednesday of October to celebrate the joy of spinning tops.

Today, spinning tops range from cheap toys found in vending machines to machine-precision works of art made from metal. Bruce Charles Designs carefully crafts each top and uses a silicon nitride ceramic bearing for a high-quality top, providing hours of fun.

Enjoy a Challenge

Our best-machined spinning top requires some practice and focus to build up an impressive spin-time. You can compete against yourself to beat your best personal time or fiddle with your top during office meetings and downtime. Our spinning tops are unique and also make the perfect gift for clients or friends.
Machined Spinning Top - Brass

Increase Your Focus

If you struggle with anxiety or lack of focus, you know it causes a significant distraction in your work or daily routine. Our best machined spinning top helps keep your hands and mind busy and increases focus. It could also help you decrease stress and raise levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine in the way ADHD medications do.

Reach for the best machined spinning top to incorporate into your daily routine to combat stress and relax. Its tactile engagement and visual stimulation help you feel calmer, more focused, and creative throughout the day.

Start a Conversation

You'll never be at a loss for conversation with our best machined spinning top. People love novelty items and hearing about what inspired your spinning top collection. Our tops also provide an opportunity to show off your new skill.
Machined Spinning Top - Stainless Steel

Enjoy a Work of Art

Traditional decor, paintings, and small sculptures aren't the only way to create a signature look for your home. Our best machined spinning tops are beautifully crafted and attract attention. They're ideal as a centerpiece for a table or your desk. Place them on your desk as a centerpiece or game area for a look that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Give a Unique Gift

We all know that person who has everything or needs nothing. Instead of gifting the usual office gadgets and gift cards, pick up one of our Four Metal Spinning Tops with one of our bases. Our best machined spinning top comes in brass, bronze, stainless steel, and fused aluminum and brass tops. They're all crafted with a knurled top with an average of 8 to 12 minutes of spin time. We also sell our tops in a gift set so you or your loved ones can enjoy all four options.


Best Machined Spinning Top Reviews

"What a great spinning top. Beautiful in the hand and very easy to spin with control. I am new to spin tops, however I got just under 9 minutes with my first spins. I now achieve 9 -11 minutes with just about every every spin and my best is 12 minutes 4 secs. I spin on a Bruce Charles base. Highly recommended." - Leon Jones

"I am 28 years old, haven't spun a top since the 90s. Gave this a spin on my coffee table and got no less than 6 minutes on my first spin. It's compact, hefty, and well-machined. The fused brass and aluminum are elegant together. Very neat to have something that fits in a small pocket, can be given minimal effort, and provides several minutes of enjoyment and suspense. I'll be brining it to work to distract customers while I get all of their items together in the computer. Everyone loves watching a top. Great buy. If you're on the fence, and have a few extra bucks, go for it!" - Logan Brown

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