If you want to take your spin time to new levels, practicing and choosing the best surfaces only goes so far. Your Best Longest Spinning Top on the market should also be highly durable and well-crafted. Our spinning tops are CNC engineered for excellence with a knurled upper top and silicon nitride ceramic bearing to optimize your performance.

Bruce Charles Designs creates the best longest spinning tops in a variety of metals and finishes. Here's a look at what we offer to help build your own collection. 

Brass Spinning Top 

Our customers love the weight and feel of our Brass Spinning Top and the way it glides smoothly across a desk or table for minutes.  You can also push your spin time even further with one of our concave lens bases.

Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

The Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top resembles a well-designed piece of art spinning across your desk. The grip is far superior than the tops you're probably accustomed to with a knurled design to improve your personal best spin time. This best longest spinning top is just 0.7 ounces. The weight makes it easy to use while adding enough weight to out-perform the average top. 

Stainless Steel Spinning Top

A spinning top is relaxing and memorizing to help clear your mind when the day gets hectic. Stainless steel is also known as a durable material, making it perfect to stand up to wear and tear against spinning your top for hours. It's easy to clean and is resistant to corrosion and heat.

The best longest spinning top is also the perfect alternative to surfing online or watching TV. It's impossible to look away when one of our tops is spinning for 10-minutes or more.

Bronze Spinning Top

Our Bronze Spinning Top makes a unique personal or corporate gift. It's color and construction is high-quality and looks more like a work of art than a toy. Beyond being a beautiful metal alloy, bronze is durable and antimicrobial. Like stainless steel, bronze also resists corrosion and is durable. Keep this spinning top for yourself and improve your spin time in between meetings and while thinking through your next project. 

Surfaces for the Best Longest Spinning Top

The surface you use for your new spinning top can dramatically slow down or improve your spin time. Try using a hard, dry, clean surface to minimize the friction between your spinning top and your desk or table. The idea is to minimize friction between your top and the surface you choose.

We created our concave lens bases to reduce the friction and improve your spin time. Our bases are created with double concave fused silica for a hard and durable surface. They also look great on your desk or given as a gift with a best longest spinning tops.

Best Longest Spinning Top Reviews

Learn more about what it's like using our best longest spinning tops from our customers:

"This is a really quality product. I have a sizable collection of tops from eBay generics to expensive custom-made tops with exotic metals, and in that large collection this top never manages to gather dust. I just love spinning it so much! It has a simple and elegant design with *excellent* weight. It really is an excellent product, and the polish on the brass is gorgeous. (get the Bruce Charles spinning glass, it's amazing too!)"

"Wow, this one spins better than any top I've ever bought before, even other premium brass pieces... literally left it spinning on an old wood desk while I checked my email, and when I looked back not only was it still spinning, it was spinning in one place! Love this thing, so easy to get it going, too, the balance is super duper awesome yet the piece isn't too heavy to carry around in a pocket."

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