If you love the look and feel of brass, you'll want to add our best brass spin tops to your collection of keepsakes and gadgets. More than a child's toy, our tops are a work of art that are challenging, fun, and skillfully crafted. Watch them glide across one of our glass bases or your desk while unwinding after a long day.

Brass Spin Tops

Our Best Brass Spin Tops are precision-machined made with a perfect silicon nitride ceramic bearing. They're high-quality, durable, and serve as a focal point for your desk or keepsake collection. 

Machined Spinning Top - Brass

Fused Aluminum & Brass Spinning Top

Beyond our best brass spinning tops, we also offer an Aluminum and Brass Spinning top. The combination of aluminum and brass creates a stunning look as you work towards breaking your personal best spin time. 

Browse our entire selection of spin tops and build your own collection, or gift them to someone with unique tastes who loves novelty items.

All Four Schulte Tops + Wood Spin Base Gift Pack

If you want more than just our best brass spin tops, pick-up our gift pack. The all-in-one collection also comes with our best brass spin top, aluminum and brass, stainless steel, and bronze options. It also provides a Burmese Teak or Black Walnut spin station base and double-sided concave lens that's polished smooth. With the help of a knurled top, this pack offers a spin-time average of 8 to 12 minutes or more.

Try Our Fidget Sliders

Fidgeting with our best brass tops help calm nerves, and focus. We also offer a selection of other items, including the Lowrey Aluminum & Brass Magnetic Slider & Clicker. You can release your excess energy with its uniquely textured and machined surface with fully enclosed magnets. Enjoy sliding and clicking these unique sliders while admiring its superior craftsmanship that's CNC-machined for durability and longevity.

Fidget Sliders

Reviews for Our Best Brass Spin Tops

If you have your sights on our best brass spin tops, hear what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"I gave this top as a birthday gift to my husband. He likes to fiddle with things while he thinks or talks on the phone at work. The top has been just right. It is a little smaller than I expected, but it is sturdy and feels substantial in my hand. It seems well made. I would cautiously call it heirloom quality-- given that he has only had it a few weeks-- and believe it would be a fun item to pass along to family. I would buy it again."

"Wow, this one spins better than any top I've ever bought before, even other premium brass pieces... literally left it spinning on an old wood desk while I checked my email, and when I looked back, not only was it still spinning, it was spinning in one place! Love this thing, so easy to get it going, too; the balance is super duper awesome, yet the piece isn't too heavy to carry around in a pocket."

"I have a thing for well-made tops. I just think they're fascinating and they can be very beautiful. This top is really nice and it came in a beautiful box, and it has a nice weight to it. I can get it to spin for quite some time already, And it is just very pleasant. It has a very pleasant feel in your hand in the weight is very nice. This is my first better top, and I am very happy that I went ahead and purchased it. I supposed it can seem like a lot for a top, but it is far from some cheap toy. It is beautifully made and beautifully crafted. I am very pleased with it and plan to see if this designer creates other tops."

Purchase Our Best Brass Spin Tops

Ready to purchase our best brass spin tops for your selection? Browse the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top for you or your loved ones.