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Most people are guilty of it: trying to find something to fidget with when they're bored to keep their fingers busy. Sitting still can be difficult, especially for long periods of time. There are plenty of different kinds of fidget toys on the market today, from popping bubbles, to fidget spinners and more. However, none of these kinds of toys have a sleek, elegant finish. The majority of these stim toys are plastic and brightly colored and stand out on a desk or a shelf. Plus, many of them aren't very portable. 

With the machinist metal puzzle here at Bruce Charles Design, we're proud to offer you an awesome and sleek metal puzzle that's easy to carry around and blends in seamlessly with what's already on your key ring. 

The Captive Nut metal puzzle is a nut and bolt puzzle that's great fun to play with and can keep your hands busy, but is just complicated enough to get you (and your friends) to start thinking. After all, how exactly does the nut come off of the puzzle? There must be a trick to it! There is–you'll be able to impress your friends with how quickly you can solve it. 

While this isn't the loudest or most elaborate of stim toys, this metal puzzle is perfect for people who need something simple to do with their hands while talking, listening, or reading. This nut and bolt puzzle is also perfect for people who enjoy simple yet surprisingly complicated puzzles, or for people who simply enjoy industrial design. 

Made from brass, the Captive Nut puzzle has a key ring on either side, making it perfect for use as a functional ring for your keys, and is tough enough to withstand being jostled in your pockets or dropped from your backpack. 

If you're looking for the perfect handheld fidget toy, then the Captive Nut metal puzzle might be right for you. Check it out!