Mental Breaks During 2020 with Spinning Tops


Maybe you're back in the office full time, or you are splitting time between home and office. Or perhaps you're at home trying to facilitate remote learning for your children (while working and/or running a household). Whatever life looks likes for you right now, 2020 is the year of needing brain breaks for mental clarity! And when you need a mental break - from work, from school, from the news and the internet - here are our top 5 suggestions:

1 - Take a walk - get up from your chair or desk for a quick walk. Stretch your legs and walk around the block.

2 - Eat/drink a snack - recharge the mind and body with a healthy snack. Or make a cup of coffee or tea to enjoy. Or sometimes, a scoop of ice cream is just what the day calls for!

3 - Spin your Schulte - shift the focus of your brain to something that's fun and can reduce your stress and anxiety. Grab your Schulte Spinning Top and a friend and have a few friendly spin contests to see who has the best technique for the longest spin time!

4 - Have a dance party - close your office door or grab your family, turn on some fun music, and get footloose and fancy free for a few minutes! Music is a great way to give your brain a break!

5 - Draw/doodle/journal - grab a pen and paper and write for a few minutes - feelings, worries, or a list of things you're thankful for. Or if you prefer to draw or doodle, work on your next masterpiece.

Breaks are good for you. You'll feel more refreshed. Your efficiency, productivity, and creativity will increase. You'll be able to focus and stay more alert. Your stress and anxiety will decrease. All good things. So take those 5 minutes throughout the day...your boss, your work, your family, and your mind will thank you!