How to Clean Your Spinning Top Base

How to clean your spinning top base for excellent spin times!

Our Spinning top bases have been flying off the shelves and are quickly becoming a fan favorite! A customer, Kevin, recently emailed to tell us he purchased a BCD 100 mm concave glass base and immediately his spinning time went from 14 minutes to almost 20 minutes! He was using a pull-string powered, 7 oz top from DjuinoStar. Because he was spinning with a pull string and heavier top, after about 20 spins, a very small area of cloudiness formed at the base's center. He then experimented to find the best way to clean the lens, and he wrote back to let us know what he found. We wanted to share this with our readers so we can help ensure the best performance and longest spin times when you use our concave spinning bases with any type of top.

Here is Kevin's recipe for top base performance in 3 easy steps!

You will need:
BCD Spinning Base - 100mm or 150mm Glass Concave Lens
Meguiar's Clear Plastic Cleaner #17 and Polish #10
Microfiber cloth


  1. Take a folded Kleenex, saturate it with the Meguiar's Plastic Cleaner #17, and use a soft, circular motion to clean the lens for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Hand-wash the glass lens in hot water and then dry.
  3. Give your Spin Base a final polish with the Meguiar's Plastic Polish #10 using a microfiber cloth.

This non-abrasive lens cleaning technique proved to give customer Kevin Henne great results.

"After this process, I broke my personal record - 19 minutes + 40 seconds! Might have been chance? So every 20 top runs, I will use this very mild cleaning protocol."

We have not heard of any customer having the same issue with cloudiness when spinning one of our lightweight Schulte tops. However, using a pull-string and spinning a heavier top is most likely what caused the base to have a small scratch in the center. If this is ever an issue with your BCD base, following the steps above can ensure the base stays in tip-top shape for every type of spinning top in your collection!