Creative Machining with Steel Spinning Tops

Creative Machining with Tops

At Bruce Charles Designs, we have rigorous quality standards for all of our products. We are meticulous about our machining and want our spinning tops and our spinning top bases to represent quality to our customers. From our perfectly balanced spinning tops and precision-ground lenses and bases to our ingenious machinist puzzles, our Bruce Charles Designs deliver endless hours of delightful diversion.

Before any product is sent out, someone on our team performs a thorough inspection.

BCD quality control

Knowing that our products carry our name (and the names of Bill's father and grandfathers) out into the world is a privilege, and attention to detail and quality matter.

We won't sell anything that doesn't meet our high standards. So what do we do when we get a spinning top that isn't up to par? Our creative machining juices start flowing, and we recently decided to repurpose a handful of rejected metal spinning tops into custom cabinet hardware!

Creativity at its finest! We used a specially made soft jaw to hold them in place, and after a little drilling and tapping, we added the finishing touch of custom engraving. And we thought the result was so fun and unique! If it's not going to be the best spinning top, it's still not going to waste!

What have you done with leftover metal/products? We'd love to see! We're already dreaming up our next project. Maybe we'll try a stemless spinning top or a BCD coin. There's so many things our Tormach can do - from custom jewelry (a BCD Fused ring maybe?) or a BCD top spinning robot - we love the creative outlet of machining!