Whether you're new to collecting different Types of Spinning Tops or are a seasoned pro, you'll know that not all tops are created equally. Some are constructed from colorful plastic and are more of a novelty than a work of art or high-quality fidget toy. Others are made with precision and care and achieve more than 10-minutes of spin time. If you're not sure where to start, here's a look at some of the different types of spinning tops to choose from.

CNC-Engineered Spinning Tops 

Our CNC-machined engineered spinning tops are precise, high-quality, and built to last. They're gorgeous to look at but are created for durability. Our different types of spinning tops also include a silicon nitride ceramic bearing.

The superior grip features a knurled design to help improve your spin time or just feel satisfying while you're using it. Our tops also glide smoothly across your desk or one of our concave glass bases. Choose between Fused Aluminum & Brass, Stainless Steel, Brass, and Bronze Spinning Tops.

Driedel Spinning Tops

Dreidels are four-sided spinning tops that are associated with the Hanukkah holiday. Unlike other tops, each side of a dreidel features a Hebrew letter representing the game's rules. 

Twirler Tops

Sometimes children turn an everyday object, like an acorn, into a Twirler Top. Twirlers feature a small stem at the top to twist and spin. You usually activate the top just with your fingers, but occasionally a string is involved.


Peg-tops are pear-shaped with a pointed base. They often resemble a quirky spool of thread that's ready to spin across a table. A string is wound around the Peg-Top's center that you pull and release to give it a spin.


A Whip-Top is similar to a Peg-Top. However, the string is attached to a stick to resemble a whip. Once the string is wound around the whip and the stick touches the top, you quickly whip it back and release it to watch it spin. 

With so many spinning tops on the market, you can pick and choose your favorite look. Some tops offer nostalgic, historical, or religious value. Others are a modern-day work of art and an opportunity to connect with your competitive side as you increase your spin time. 

Types of Spinning Tops Reviews

Learn more about what it's like using our different types of spinning tops straight from our customers.

"This was the perfect gift for my husband. Impeccable craftsmanship, smooth to touch, and spins beautifully. My husband keeps this on his desk at work. It's great for those moments of deep thoughts or while he's stuck on a lengthy call. It is also a conversation starter. I personally love spinning tops and really wanted to keep it for myself, and it's way cooler than the bronze rose my husband gifted me. (Don't tell him I said that)." Purchase Your Favorite Types of Spinning Tops"

"Nine min 16 sec in the first night playing around with it! More fun than I ever imagined. Throw away your cell phones and start spinning! Lol, this is my first top, and I spin way longer on a make-up mirror."

"This top is a great design...just the right size and weight to be pocket size, easy to spin, and super long spin times. I love the bronze hint of rose gold. I keep one at my desk, and it is a great focus tool when trying to work through tougher problems. So far, not a single person has stopped at my desk or table has been able to resist giving it a spin. I'm up to about 8.5 minutes spin time!"

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