Increase Focus

Many people find they are more productive if they have something to quietly keep their hands busy while they are focusing. Spinning a top provides both the tactile engagement as well as an ongoing visual stimulation that can result in a calmer, more creative and more productive day.


A modern connection to an ancient practice: Archaeologists have examples of spinning tops going back to 4,000 B.C. which were made from clay. That same desire that’s lasted for more than 6,000 years can be satisfied today, not with clay or wood toys, but with precision engineered and produced works of art that are precisely made to within less than the thickness of a human hair.


If you want to get the longest spins possible, you will need to work to perfect your technique. Anyone can spin a top, but it takes practice and dedication to learn how to achieve the long spins you’ll brag about to your friends and post to social media.


Whether a puzzle, a top, or any of our upcoming products, we strive to create things that bring you joy and delight. Humans are built to appreciate beauty in both form and function and there is something undeniably beautiful about a precisely made and lustrously finished product.