Toys like yo-yos date back to 500 BC followed by items like clay tops. It makes sense that the toy revolution eventually led to the rise of stress-relieving products during the late 1980s. Suddenly everyone had a novelty stress ball, from kids to adults. 

Toys and gadgets have evolved over the years to include options that resemble works of art. We created  fidget sliders from brass, polished titanium, stainless steel or combined different metals for a unique look. We also included fully enclosed neodymium magnets for a satisfying fidgeting experience. They look fantastic at home or in the office. 

Our products are CNC machined for added durability and precision. Tucking these in your pocket or leaving them on your desk offers easy access when you're anxious and have excess energy. We also created them to look visually stunning. They're pleasing to look at and also make the perfect gift for the fidgeter in your life.

Fidget Sliders Can Reduce Anxiety

Research shows that fidget toys help temporarily reduce stress during the moment. In other words, if you're feeling anxious before a meeting, you can reach for a fidget slider to help settle your nerves. If you suffer from anxiety or an issue like GAD (general anxiety disorder), fidget sliders may help during the moment. However, stress relieving toys aren't a replacement for long-term results, like therapy.

Fidget Toys Help Increase Focus

It's easy to get overwhelmed when there's too much going on in a day. Multitasking is also notorious for raising stress and frustration levels. Settle your mind and refocus by reaching for one of our fidget sliders. It puts your attention on a singular action and helps clear your mind. Once you've re-centered yourself, you can organize your day and pick a task to complete.

Sliders Help Cope with Pressure

Fidget sliders could also offer a much-needed distraction when you're under pressure. Instead of letting your mind run wild, use our fidget sliders as a coping mechanism. The satisfying sliding and clicking back and forth helps get rid of excess energy and could reduce your frustration. 

Other Fidgeting Options

If you're looking for more than fidget sliders, our spinning tops are also ideal for a release of excess energy. Our customers love working on their personal best time and watching the tops glide across their desks or our bases. 

Just like our fidget sliders, our spinning tops are also CNC Machined and come with a knurled top to optimize your grip. Choose from Brass, Fused Aluminum & Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze, or buy a set with all four. You can use them on a hard surface like your desk,  but our concave glass spinning lenses can optimize your spin time for a more satisfying experience.

Reviews: Fidget Sliders 

Learn more about our fidget sliders straight from our satisfied customers. 

"Wow, this is such a great fidget toy!! One of the best I've ever played with. I definitely had to get a second one to gift it to someone. Definitely recommend!"

"The quality of this little thing is fantastic - it feels really solid! It's a godsend for 'idle hands' on endless Zoom calls."

"Absolutely love this fidget! It has a nice weight to it; it's the perfect size for your hand and slides SO smoothly. The packaging was so lovely and had a personal touch. Exceeded my expectations. It's a lovely quiet fidget that I highly recommend!"

Purchase Your Own Fidget Sliders

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