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*Shop Seconds* Micro Dual-Strength Brass Magnetic Slider

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**Shop Seconds** Micro Dual-Strength Brass Magnetic Slider

Our "almost perfect" might be just perfect for you! We have VERY high standards at Bruce Charles Designs, so when we carefully inspect each product, we sometimes find slight imperfections that cause us to set it aside.

While machining marks are common and desirable in our locally crafted sliders, sometimes we find marks that we didn't intend! You might even see videos of some of these *oops* moments on founder and maker Bill Strahan's Instagram (@billstrahan).

The function of these *Shop Seconds* items is exactly as you'd expect from Bruce Charles Designs - profoundly enjoyable and satisfying!

Don't miss this opportunity to grab these items at a great price!

The Micro Dual-Strength Brass Magnetic Slider 

The Bruce Charles Designs Micro Dual-Strength magnetic slider introduces a totally new and unique slider for your enjoyment.


  • Double-sided design with different magnet depths create a strong and soft side slider depending on how the pieces are stacked.
  • Magnet strength: Strong on one side, Light on the other side
  • Magnet configuration: 2 x 2
  • Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 5mm per slider piece
  • Weight: 13.5 grams per slider piece
  • Recommended for ages 16+
  • Proudly designed and made in Dallas TX, USA.

Introducing The Micro

Tips, Cleaning, Maintenance

Already own a Micro Dual Strength and looking for tips on usage or maintenance? Check out our Micro Quick Start Guide here.

Superior Craftsmanship

Each slider piece is CNC machined from a single piece of brass. The magnet bores are held to very tight tolerances to provide a secure press fit without any adhesives.

The magnet depth is not the same on each side of a slider piece. One side has the magnets set to a depth of .25mm and the other set to a depth of 1.10mm. The slider pieces are made to be attracted only on the like side, so there is a very strong force when using the shallow magnet sides and a much softer force when using the deep magnet sides. Because of this, we do not recommend the Micro Dual-Strength for anyone wanting to use more than two sliding pieces, and we only sell it in the 2-piece configuration.

Sliding surfaces will initially have toolmarks but with use they will self-burnish into an even smoother sliding surface. This is by design to provide the best sliding surface possible.

All aesthetic details and surface finishing are on non-sliding surfaces.

Excellence by Design (plus some impulsiveness!)

The Micro is the product of my desire to explore some new (to me anyway) machining approaches. I wanted to test machining from bar stock and slicing the parts off with a slitting saw. I wanted to experiment with second operation fixtures that hold parts from the inside rather than the outside. I also wanted to experiment with doing external surface textures with some new modeling and cam techniques I was working on. I’ve barely used that 6mm lollipop end mill! (If you know you know.) 

I checked my metal inventory and I had several feet of 1” square brass bar stock, so I decided my LONG day project one weekend was to make the most minimalist slider I could reasonably make. You see where this is going, right? I jokingly said to myself while the first one was being machined that I should just make it a product and call it The Mini. 

But when I machined the first one I realized it wasn’t a mini, it was a Micro! Less than an inch square, and each slider half was only 5mm thick, which is less than one fifth of an inch! This thing was tiny. 

When I pressed the magnets in I figured I’d play with it for a little while and then keep experimenting with the machining details. But an hour later, my thumb was sore and I realized I LOVED this tiny thing! 

I went on to make another one, this time experimenting with those surface finishes on the outer edges. That was fun. It was also the end of the day. Maybe this needs to be a two-day project? 

The next day I just kept making them. By noon I had 7 prototypes, all with different textures and some different shapes to make it softer on my fingertips. I had two different magnet diameters in them as well as two different magnet thicknesses. I was homing in on what I really liked. I started letting my friends and family try them out and the rest is history. By “history” I mean that all happened a week prior to writing this. 

In the next week I made the simplest small fixture I could get by with and went into production. I’ve said from day one that I will just design and make what I like and see if anyone else does. So far that hasn’t led me astray. I like this thing. Here’s why: 

  • It’s tiny! I can carry it in my pocket and not even notice it
  • Since it’s a 4X2 magnet configuration it does delightful rotational moves
  • I think the surface machining is beautiful. Unlike the standard Micro, which has a continuous spiral across any number of slider pieces stacked with each other, each Dual-Strength slider piece has a design similar to diamond plate or snake skin around the outer edge. 

A Gift to be Cherished

Presentation makes a lasting impact. Take delight in receiving and opening your Micro box and packaging or enjoy watching someone you love unpack the gift box and realize this is no ordinary gift!  

Check out our new product announcement!


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