Tips for Amateur and Professional Spinning Top Collectors

People have wide and varied opinions about the fidget spinner boom. While many were dismissive of the toys (including teachers who banned them from classrooms), it has prompted a renewed look at the benefits of tactile stimulation and how it can help with focus and learning.

This has in turn brought about renewed interest in similar items, such as spinning top toys. A recent wave of collectors and enthusiasts has emerged. People are exploring different types of tops, from your basic, wooden ones to items like the performance metal spinning top.

While top collecting is about the joy of discovery, you need some structure in how you go about it. Below are a few recommendations for both professionals and those getting into this niche hobby. It will give you some pointers on how to achieve your collecting goals while enjoying the journey.

Find a Theme

If you are just starting out, one way to begin structuring your collecting strategy is by choosing a theme. You might focus on finding vintage tops or artisanal ones. If your goal is performance, you can learn more about the advantages of different top designs or materials, like a metal spinning top. 

You may find that you want to collect tops from different parts of the world or one specific region. For instance, you could learn more about dreidels. These have great cultural significance for Jewish people and are used throughout Hannukah.

East Asian countries also have a rich history of tops. Korea (pengi), Japanese (koma), and Indonesian (gasing) tops are just a few of the types you can find. Each country has its own top traditions and games played throughout the centuries.

This will allow you to assemble some knowledge about particular types of tops. You can always add new areas of interest, but starting with a particular focus is a good way to get going.

Set Goals

Another suggestion that applies to both amateur and professional collectors alike is to set goals. Your aim may be to find the highest precision spinning tops. This will have a different outlook than someone wishing to collect rare, handcrafted tops.

As your collection grows, you will also want to employ some level of organization. This might include documenting the age and maker of the tops. You also might consider cataloging your tops based on category or place of origin.

Connect With Other Collectors

There are myriad online forums for connecting with other, like-minded spinning top collectors. These are a great way to gain information, have your questions answered, and make connections within the top collecting community. Check out this Facebook group as a place to get started. 

Likewise, there are spinning top clubs and gilds that hold demonstrations and workshops. This is an opportunity to learn from experts about collecting; top design and function; and even creating your own tops. It also is a great way to become more hands-on with your collecting.

Finally, investigate top collectible fairs. These will have vendors or collectors showcasing their tops and answering questions about them. If you cannot find a dedicated spinning top fair in your area, look for toy fairs with a particular focus on handcrafted toys, including tops.

Find the Right Traditional or Metal Spinning Top for Your Collection

Now that you have some ideas for spinning top collecting, you can start looking for your next addition. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out as a novice, there are lots of directions you can take in your spinning top collection to make it enjoyable and unique.

At Bruce Charles Designs, we design and make quality unplugged toys––including performance spinning tops––for active minds. Our metal spinning top is the perfect addition to any collection. Take a look at our online inventory, or reach out to us today with any questions.