The Gadgeteer Reviews Bruce Charles Designs Spinning Tops

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We were thrilled when one of The Gadgeteer reviewers, Smythe Richbourg, wanted to review our Schulte Spinning tops and our 100 mm Fused Silica Glass concave spinning base. Richbourg described our tops as a "highly precision-made thing of beauty." We couldn't agree more!

The Gadgeteer Review Bruce Charles Designs







photo via The Gadgeteer

On The Gadgeteer's review of the Schulte Brass and Stainless Steel Spinning tops, Richbourg goes over every detail. His review takes you through the packaging, what's included, and the detailed specs of the tops. He then points out detailed features about the design and metals used. Richbourg says, "For the size, they have a nice heft in your hand, and the knurling makes you want to bring it up to your eye and examine it more closely. They are things of beauty."

Then, the reviewer gets to the best part: Spinning Top and Lens Performance!

"While I have used spinning tops in the past, I have not used one that is this heavily designed or precision balanced. When I was a kid, tops were a thing for a summer or two, and my friends and I spent hours competing in how long we could make ours spin. After spinning these a few times, I can see some of the appeal, but they spin quite a long time. The glass lens spinning base makes a big difference in that it causes the top to drift toward the center, rather than off the surface you're spinning on."

The Gadgeteer review states that the reviewer found the tops soothing and fun and recommends our tops as a great fidget toy for adults working at their desks. We appreciate the rave review and look forward to sharing more BCD products with the awesome team at The Gadgeteer!

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