Spinning tops a low-tech toy offers health benefits


Fidgeting does not just affect kids. It can help adults focus, reduce anxiety, and relax, too.

People who suffer from anxiety, ADD, or other related issues seem to use these types of gadgets most. It is also great for kids who need help sitting still during test times. A fidget spinner or fidget toy can seem silly, but they really do work to smooth out some negative habits people may have.

The best types of fidgets are high-quality materials and work amazing for adults or kids who have trouble sitting still due to ADD, autism, anxiety, or boredom.

Fidget toys are not just for children with ADHD or autism anymore. They're becoming popular among adults and kids who need to do something physical while sitting at a desk all day long.
Brass Spin Tops

Fidgets incorporate a few different categories and one of these gadgets that are used the most is a spinning top. Many people often worry that a spinner is just a toy but it can be further from the truth. It is not just a toy or some sort of game that people play. It is one of the best ways at relieving stress or just taking a break.

Why Use a Fidget Toy or Spinning Top for Health Benefits?

But why should we take our attention away from work? The answer lies in the human brain and our performance.

The average adult spends eight hours a day at a desk - in front of a computer screen, staring at one thing without much movement. This type of work can create a pattern we develop in the brain called the "habit loop." It's a natural response that is triggered when we do the same thing repeatedly.

This type of environment can lead to health problems such as neck and eye strain, back problems from long periods of sitting, and stress due to distraction.

The Benefits of Fidget Spinners and Spinning Tops

If you are already a fan of fidgets, toys, fidget spinners, etc., then these toys could be just what you need to keep your hands busy while completing work tasks.

A fidget spinner can help you in both physical ways and emotional ways that most people never think about. The physical benefits include keeping the blood flowing to your hands and fingers. This can help relax your muscles, especially after an intense workout or exercise routine.

It can also make you feel relaxed and calm at the end of a stressful day. Constant spinning keeps you focused on something other than what stressed you out in the first place.

Because the end result is a spinning, moving object, it keeps you focused on it rather than on what may be causing your stress.

It might surprise you that after only a few days of using one at work or school, you'll start to see some of the following benefits:

Improved focus - By taking your mind off the things that distract you from work, you can be more focused on what is being asked of you. This also helps those who are easily distracted in meetings or classrooms.

Better posture - Good posture isn't just for looking professional and confident at work - it can also prevent pain from sitting at a desk for hours. Using one of our fidget toys will remind your body to sit up straight, which can help stop neck and back pain.

Improved concentration and memory - The physical act of fidgeting commands your brain to focus on the movement as opposed to any other distractions in the room or office. This keeps your mind off anything else, which can improve concentration and even productivity.

Prevent stress - By taking your mind off stressful tasks and improving concentration, you can avoid feeling stressed out about work.

Fidget spinners, a fidget cube, or spinning tops are some of the most common types of toys that are used to help people improve their health benefits.

The Science Behind Fidgeting

Fidgeting increases cognitive activity and productivity in learners by mitigating boredom. It has been shown to reduce stress in children with ADHD, improving their focus and attention as well as helps people stay energized while they're at work/school

It also increases the level of alertness in learners and has increased their reaction time, but it does not improve cognitive function. In some cases, doing it when learning, can reduce the rate of memory loss.

However, doing it while learning would be most beneficial to people that suffer from ADHD and pay better attention when they are kept busy. This group also includes young children.

Fidgeting increases attention when it occurs frequently rather than infrequently during work or learning - small amounts every 5-10 minutes.

There is a correlation between an increase in learning and the how much you fidget that occurs over time, but the correlation was moderate at best - therefore it is not significant enough to be sure whether there is a causal relationship between the two pieces of information.

Fidgeting does not necessarily translate to better results in education or work environments but it can help reduce stress.

Fidget Spinner or Spinning Tops?

Spinning tops are great for anyone who wants to keep their hands occupied while they listen or take notes in class.

This is because using the top takes your mind off of what is being said by taking your attention away from the classroom or meeting room.  

Since you have to focus on the actions of spinning and balancing a top, your mind can't focus on anything else, which is great if you want to take in everything that a teacher or coworker has to say.  

Using a spinner toy during work or school will also force your subconscious to relax as you find yourself with a hand toy that you enjoy playing with.

Fidget spinners come in a wide variety of colors and designs. They are usually cheaper in price and are a fun game to play with your finger.

If you are free to, using a spinner that is designed for a higher spin time may be a great way to relieve anxiety and help with your ADD.

Types of Spinning Top Fidget Toys

Metal spinners are small, handheld devices that resemble a toy top. There are various styles of metal spinners with differing weights and configurations to offer a variety of spins.  

Many metal spinners are made from stainless steel, which helps to prevent corrosion and provide a near-perfect balance. There are also metal spinners that come in the shape of a cube, with each side providing a different experience. 


The Bruce Charles website offers metal spinners that are available in multiple weights and configurations. We offer the option of choosing between a spinner that has heavier spheres at its ends or ones with smaller spheres to give you more flexibility when deciding which one is right for your needs.

High-quality spinners may have a higher price than the plastic toys you see but, if you want something that can spin, use more durable materials and better-machined parts to provide higher spin rates.