Notes on Brass, Color and Tarnish - Part Two

If you've had a Bruce Charles Design top that is getting plenty of spin time, you might have noticed a slight change in color. Don't worry, it is ok!

As we shared in our earlier blog post, tarnish on metal is driven by oxygen in the air, oils from your skin, and any other chemicals that come into contact with the metal. But this tarnish isn't a problem! Some top spinners are #teampatina, while others prefer to restore the shine.

We asked the members in our Bruce Charles Design Facebook group (are you a member yet?) for their best tricks for removing patina. And the resounding answer was...ketchup!

Ketchup is a winner when it comes to cleaning brass and stainless steel due to the properties of the ingredients in ketchup. The acetic acid in the ketchup attacks the copper oxide. Simply slather it on, let it sit for at least 30 minutes, wipe, and rinse. 

Other suggestions offered: Cape Cod cleaning cloths, Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish.

We also recommend simply wiping down your top occasionally with a soft, dry, cotton cloth after spinning.

Whether you decide to keep your tops patinaed or you prefer that perfect shine, we'd love to see you spinning your way into our Facebook group! Join here now!