Two Glass Concave Lens Bases for Spinning Tops

100mm and 150mm Glass Concave Lens Bases for Spinning Tops

While Bruce Charles Designs started with the Schulte spinning top, we quickly realized tops and spin bases went together like peanut butter and jelly! To get the best performance out of your spin top, you don't just need a quality top with engineered excellence and exquisite craftsmanship... you also need a base with unmatched quality to provide a smooth spinning surface with minimum friction and resistance. Because long spin times are a LOT more fun! 

For your spinning top collection, Bruce Charles Designs offers two spinning top lens sizes - a 100mm (4 inch) and a 150mm (6 inch) Glass Concave Lens. Both glass lenses are made with fused silica and are harder, smoother, and more durable than regular glass spinning top glass. Our lenses are precision machined and are both a double concave lens.

Our 100mm spinning top lens offers that perfect balance of low resistance strong centering action with close to 4 inches of spin surface. From here on out, all those off-center spins stay within the 100mm/3.93" diameter surface. It's 10mm thick and has a radius of curvature of 875mm (the center of the lens is 2.8mm thinner than the edges). We also offer a wood top spinning base with our 100mm lens available in either Teak or Black Walnut. These wooden bases with the glass lens are a beautiful piece for any executive's desk or a coffee table at home.

After we released our 100mm lens, BCD enthusiasts started asking for a second lens option! Our 150mm glass lens offers more than twice the area of our 100mm lens with close to 6 inches of spin surface. Those off-center spins more easily stay within the 150mm/5.9" diameter surface. This lens is 11.5mm thick and has a radius of curvature of 1500mm (the center of the lens is 3.3mm thinner than the edges).

We're big fans of our 4 inch and 6 inch spinning top lenses, but don't just take our word for it - so many precision spin top collectors rave about them too!

"I'm an avid collector of precision spin tops, and I've purchased a couple dozen glass spin lenses over the past few years to service the hobby. 

It's one thing to gauge the quality of a spin top, but how do you gauge the quality of a spin lens given that, in-the-hand, they often look and feel very similar. For me, that's easy - you compare the spin times you've achieved with the same top on different lenses that have about the same specs...which is exactly where the 100 mm Bruce Charles Designs fused silica lens really distinguishes itself. In the past few weeks, I have conducted spin testing with 12 of my favorite tops (ranging in weight from 18 to 65 grams) on my Bruce Charles lens and compared the spin times I achieved to my previous spin times on other lenses.

Get this... I've set new personal best spin times for 9 of the 12 tops. Additional spin time has ranged from ~20 seconds to more than 2 minutes and has averaged just over a minute. That may not sound like a statistically relevant difference, but from years of spinning experience, I can assure you, beating a personal best by a minute is a very big accomplishment. I don't know what's physically different about the BCD lens (and maybe it's just harder), but the difference seems to better preserve the inertia developed by the torque generated at launch, resulting in significantly longer spin times... and that's a metric we all seek in our spinning experience.⠀

Bottom line: I could not ask for more than a glass spinning top lens that is very affordable, AND that allows me to achieve longer spin times. I bought three of these lenses sight unseen on the price alone, but the longer spin times give these lenses bona fide added value. 
A truly superior lens for spinning tops!"

So look no further. If you want a spinning base that is so well made, so smooth and balanced so you can get longer spin times, add our 100mm or 150mm Glass Concave Lens to your collection today! One spin and you'll get a longer-lasting, more mesmerizing spin than ever before.


Check out this video highlighting not only our 4 and 6 inch lenses, but our wood bases and our Schulte spinning tops as well!