Metal Spinning Tops Make Great Unplugged Toys

Metal Spinning Tops Make Great Unplugged Toys

We had so much fun hosting an awesome giveaway of "unplugged toys" this month! 

Summer is the perfect time to UNPLUG and have some fun! And we think all of our prizes are a great way to do just that! So in case you didn't end up being one of the lucky winners, we thought we'd highlight what was up for grabs. That way, you can still snag that prize you wanted even if you didn't win! There are so many creative ways to unplug, and we loved putting together these "old school" toys - classics for sure!

Of course, a Bruce Charles Designs giveaway wouldn't be complete without some Schulte Spinning Tops and our Teak and Black Walnut Spinning Bases. Our major prize pack also includes our 150mm Glass Concave Lens for even more spin surface! You'll be set to master the art of spinning tops and achieving the longest spin time of the summer!

But there was even more goodness to be discovered in our giveaway!

Included in our Runner Up prize pack was a great everyday carry pen. The PicoPen Ti is made from titanium and can go with you everywhere. As an attachable keychain pen, it can easily attach to your backpack, golf bag, purse, or on your reliable BCD Captive Nut Keychain.

While your Schulte is spinning for those 15+ minute spins, we've got another unplugged toy for you to grab! The Gold Atlas YoYo by YoYo Factory! We love throwback toys like these! It's great for both new and experienced yoyoers - in fact, in 2015, Jake Elliott used the Atlas to win the World Yoyo Contest, defeating 6-time world champion and yoyo legend Takeshi Matsuura. The Atlas Yoyo is 25% wider than the majority of yoyos made today. This width offers a combination of speed, control, and stability - advantages that will benefit players at any skill level.

How fast can you solve a Rubik's cube? Another classic, unplugged toy! The Gan 356 X V2 Speed Cube is a magnetic 3x3 speed cube that will test your brain. With a matte exterior and a dual-adjustment tension/compression system, it's a fast and smooth cube with modern, easily adjustable settings. Here's a challenge for you - can you solve the Rubik's cube before your Schulte stops spinning?

Solitaire, Blackjack, or even Poker can now be played on your phone. But a brand new deck of playing cards will have you ready to play "old school style." Put your phone down, and pick up the Mythical Creatures Playing Cards. This custom deck with hand-drawn artwork will put a new spin on your game. Featuring mythical Creatures from Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and East Asian traditions, these black, silver, and gold cards are beautiful. Solitare never looked so good!

While you're having fun with all these unplugged toys, you might want some pics! But don't pick up that iPhone (remember...we're UN-plugged)! We've got you covered with a Polaroid Now Starter Set! You can point, shoot and keep your fun unplugged moments documented with this analog instant camera (don't worry, it comes with autofocus!). This series is an evolution of the original Polaroid OneStep camera from the '70s. Yet another classic! 

We know most of these toys can go anywhere with you, but if you happen to be playing at home, you can enjoy a new fragrance with an 11oz Elite Candle from Orleans Home Fragrances. The sophisticated Bourbon Street is one of their newer fragrances and is a smooth blend of Bergamot and Italian Mandarin with Tuberose, Transparent Amber, and Benzoin. Base notes of Bourbon Vanilla, Oak Wood, and Exotic Musk. Or try another one of their more masculine fragrances - Tobacco Vanille that offers the rich essence of tobacco leaves and vanilla with nuances of cinnamon, coconut, and musk. Because unplugging can be fun and smell amazing at the same time!

And we know that all good fun must come to an end at some point. So when it's time to get back to work, make sure you grab your SafeStyle glasses. SafeStyle glasses are the first safety glasses that don't look or feel like "safety glasses." All the protection, with none of the discomfort. The safety glasses you'll never want to take off. Look good; feel safe. There are both black and clear frame options with clear and tinted UV400 lenses! SafeStyle also offers polarized lens options!

Wow! So much good stuff to be had for a summer of unplugged fun!