Bruce Charles Designs Unveils the Perfect Father's Day Gifts: a Classic Spinning Top and Puzzle Keyring

DALLASFeb. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Bruce Charles Designs is proud to unveil two new products for purchase: The "Schulte" brass spinning top and "The Captive Nut" brass keyring. The perfect gifts for Father's Day, Boss' Day, or a birthday, these elegant yet functional pieces of art are sure to please both friends and family. After acquiring his first metal lathe, founder of Bruce Charles Designs, Bill Strahan, spent years gaining experience turning different materials, applying knurling, cutting threads, and more. He quickly made a list of projects as challenges for himself on the use of the lathe and is happy to release these two products for purchase: The Schulte Spinning Top and The Captive Nut Keyring.

The "Schulte" Spinning Top is a beautiful, polished brass spinning top with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. This everyday carry pocket top is CNC Machined from a solid piece of brass to achieve the ideal balance of beauty and purpose. The Schulte pocket top is guaranteed to satisfy your desire for something that excels in form and function. A unique and eye-catching item for everything from pocket to home, the top also looks great on an executive's desk. Owners of a "Schulte" top can challenge friends to see who can spin it the longest or use it for themselves in pursuit of that perfect zen-like state.

"The Captive Nut" Keyring was one of Strahan's early lathe projects that started as a way to get better at turning threads and multiple machining operations. Strahan originally learned about it as a machinist's puzzle to make on the lathe, but his twist on it was to turn it into a keyring with an additional operation on the milling machine. It served as a fantastic conversation starter as Strahan carried the first one he made as his personal everyday carry keyring for years. We are thrilled to now bring this beautiful product to your pocket!

"I grew up in a home that didn't assume things were impossible. Under my dad's leadership, we had a home in which everyone was encouraged to achieve their dreams," says founder Bill Strahan. "Watching Bruce Charles Designs go from me learning how to turn materials on my lathe to sending our Schulte top and Captive Nut keyring to customers across the U.S. is definitely one of my dreams becoming a reality!"

Both the "Schulte" Spinning Top and "The Captive Nut" Keyring make excellent gifts for the person that has everything. Buy a Bruce Charles Designs spinning top or keyring and give the perfect Father's Day, birthday, or Boss' Day gift. Visit our store at or purchase a "Schulte" top or "The Captive Nut" keyring on Amazon with free Prime shipping!

About Bruce Charles Designs
At Bruce Charles Designs, we create beautiful yet functional pieces of art for people who appreciate clever designs and beautiful materials. Founder and designer Bill Strahan is an entrepreneur who has successfully launched and designed products and ideas for multiple businesses including Armored Fitness, Wayforward Adventures, and iFly GPS. Bruce Charles Designs came to be after Strahan discovered a love for machining, including his use of the lathe machine. Our products are elegantly functional, from our minds to your hands. To purchase, visit