Schulte Tops- Perfect Stress Relief Toys

With the news over the last week, our daily routines have changed! Most families are staying home and are looking for more things to do to fill time. Enter our Schulte tops! Our tops are the perfect stress relief toys for adults, and can provide endless fun for your kids! 

Not sure yet if you want to purchase? We've had a lot of customers recently chime in on how much they are loving our Schulte tops and our all-new Teak Wood Base and Lens set, and we wanted to share their thoughts with you!

"This is a great lens and with the teak spin station creates a wonderful package overall that I highly recommend!" 
-DP, Amazon Review, February 2020

"Just got the new teak base with the Fused top. Tried it out as soon as we got it out of the box. It’s nice to have such a good-looking spin surface to sit out. It’s quickly become a conversation piece in our living room and makes everyone want to grab the top and give it a spin. We’ve had several spontaneous spin “competitions” when we’ve had company. It’s made for lots of fun evenings of friendly spinning. We’ve kept this one at home, but it would definitely be a nice addition to an executive’s desk as well. Would definitely recommend as a great addition to any Schulte top!"
-M. O'Neal, Amazon Review, February 2020

"Just got 25+ minutes on this base, GREAT performance AND Value. Base is very nicely crafted edges of the lens is smooth with no rough edges of chips. Don't waste your time with other lenses!"
-XanderMax, Amazon Review, March 2020

"I ordered this product because I fidget when I work and study. It came the next day and I love it!! The glass & wooden base are beautiful and complement my desk area very nicely. :) I highly recommend this!"
-Hallie, Amazon Review, March 2020

Looking for something FUN for your family to do while we're all at home? The Schulte top and our teak wood spinning base will be something new and challenging for everyone! If you have kids, we suggest you start out with our all-new multipack so they can have competitions and compare the way the different metals feel and spin! This pack comes with Schulte 4 Metal Spinning Tops (Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Aluminum) plus our beautiful Teak Top Spinning Base & Spinning Glass Double Concave Lens!