5 Toys to Help Adults with Work Anxiety Stay Driven and Focused

Even the most focused and successful adults sometimes struggle with things like anxiety and distraction at work. Sitting at a desk for hours upon hours every day can be quite boring. Adults with ADHD or anxiety often struggle to stay on task and focused. This is especially true when they know they have important deadlines coming up or projects to work on. Plus, sometimes people just need to take a little breather!

Having a fidget toy can help with some of these behaviors. These toys are a small, easy way to keep your hands occupied so that your brain stays focused. Plus, they’re just fun to play with, even when you aren’t at your desk working!

If you’ve been considering getting a fidget toy or you’re wondering what kind of fidget toys are suitable for adults that need a more discreet distraction, we might have just what you’re looking for.

How Do Fidget Toys Help With Anxiety?

Fidget toys are a beneficial solution to help combat the distractions that come from ADHD and the nervous habits that can stem from anxiety. 

Fidget toys for adults are made with many different repetitive motions in mind like clicking, moving, spinning, squeezing, and more. By having this small object to focus on, adults can fight anxiety and focus better at work by keeping their hands busy. 

Having a fidget toy works surprisingly well for focusing. Keeping your hands occupied helps your brain stay free to pay attention to whatever needs to be done. This is true for many people with anxiety or ADHD. Fidgeting often includes bouncing legs, finger tapping on desks or tables, picking at things, pen clicking, and more. A fidget toy is an amazing alternate option. You’re able to stay on task while alleviating repetitive boredom. It’s a win-win, and you’ll likely be more productive in the end.

Fidget toys are also great for keeping you focused on tasks without distracting those around you. Have you ever been in a meeting and find yourself doodling or zoning out? Fidget toys solve the problem by keeping you fidgeting without causing yourself or your peers a distraction. Use a quiet fidget toy under the table to keep you entertained and focused on what’s going on. 

What Fidget Toys Can Help?

In today’s market, there are a myriad of different fidget toys for adults to choose from. Fidget toys are not one size fits all, and being able to have these choices can help individuals decide what works best for them. 

Spinning Tops

A fidget toy doesn’t need to be something that is constantly in your hand getting poked, prodded, popped, or otherwise. Instead, a spinning top provides you with an alternate approach.

The best part about this type of fidget toy is that you don’t have to keep it in your hand in order to use it—you can spin the top and let it go. Enjoy watching it spin and turn on your desk as you take a much-needed breather. These tops are also quiet and won’t provide much distractive noise.

At Bruce Charles Designs, we’re happy to offer metal fidget toys, including spinning tops. Made from brass, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel, they’re small but powerful and intricately detailed. If you don’t have the opportunity or the space to watch your spinning top, the metal detailing on the handle is a perfect fidget all on its own as you brush your fingers over the design. 

Machinist Puzzles

Machinist puzzles are another awesome adult fidget toy that’s great for staying on task. Machinist puzzles are small metal fidget toys created from items like nuts, bolts, nails, and wood-like mechanisms. Your task with this type of fidget toy is to take it apart and put it together again. Some puzzles are large and difficult to complete, while others are tiny and can be carried around on something as small as a keychain. 

The machinist puzzle at Bruce Charles Designs is small, fun, and unique. The Captive Nut puzzle is a small metal fidget toy that easily stays hidden as a keychain. This small puzzle can be used to spin the nut along the bolt of the keychain or solved as the puzzle it was created to be. Either way, it keeps your hands busy, and it’s a fun way to trick your friends into figuring out how it works!

Fidget Sliders

The fidget slider is a fun fidget toy that’s simple but effective in its design. This slider is just that: a toy that you can use your fingers to slide back and forth to keep your hands busy and your mind occupied. These sliders are quiet, easy-to-use toys that can be kept discreetly in a pocket during meetings, while working at your desk, or even while watching a movie. 

The Bruce Charles Designs fidget slider is the perfect tool to keep your hands busy. Made of metals like brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, these sleek fidget sliders look more like art pieces than fidget toys. Skillfully crafted, they’re the perfect unplugged fidget toys for adults. 

Stress Balls

Stress balls are a classic anxiety and focus toy. Cheap, accessible, and designed to be eye-catching and fun, these fidget toys for adults and kids alike are the perfect addition to your fidget toy collection. Stress balls are made from a soft and lightweight foam-like material, and all you need to do is squeeze!

Stress balls have found their way into many desk drawers, doctor’s offices, welcome gifts, and more. After all, when you’re stressed or anxious about work, there’s nothing quite like being able to squeeze it out of your system!

Popping Toys

Popping toys have increased in popularity over the past few years, and you’d be hard-pressed to not find at least a couple of popping toys in stores across the country. In today’s world, popping toys and fidget poppers have been added to many different items like rulers, pencil pouches, erasers, and more. 

While you may not want a pencil pouch at your desk, the growing accessibility of these fidget toys makes obtaining them much easier than ever before. Plus, popping toys are just fun! They’re small and discreet, easily able to be hidden away in pockets or under the table when you need a little extra help focusing or de-stressing. 

Bruce Charles Designs

At  Bruce Charles Designs, we take pride in creating beautiful fidget toys carefully crafted and designed with the customer in mind. While many fidget toys on the market are geared specifically toward kids, we’re proud to offer high-quality miniature art pieces as fidget toys that any age can enjoy. 

If you’re a fan of fidget toys but you’ve been looking for a more sophisticated set of toys to add to your collection, we hope that you’ll choose Bruce Charles Designs