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*Shop Seconds* Robertson Brass Magnetic Slider

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**Shop Seconds** Robertson Brass Magnetic Slider

Our "almost perfect" might be just perfect for you! We have VERY high standards at Bruce Charles Designs, so when we carefully inspect each product, we sometimes find slight imperfections that cause us to set it aside.

While machining marks are common and desirable in our locally crafted sliders, sometimes we find marks that we didn't intend! You might even see videos of some of these *oops* moments on founder and maker Bill Strahan's Instagram (@billstrahan).

Please note, on these particular Robertson Shop Seconds, there is some very light staining/discoloration on the brass edge. This discoloration will most likely disappear with a little but of use and the natural brass tarnishing process.

The function of these *Shop Seconds* items is exactly as you'd expect from Bruce Charles Designs - profoundly enjoyable and satisfying!

Don't miss this opportunity to grab these items at a great price!

Robertson Brass Magnetic Slider 

The Bruce Charles Designs Robertson magnetic slider introduces a totally new and unique slider for your enjoyment.


  • Unique double-sided slider for two different magnet strengths.
  • Symmetrical design allows for flipping one slider on top of another.
  • Magnet strength: Medium
  • Magnet configuration: 3 x 2
  • Dimensions: 31 x 49 x 11mm
  • Weight: 2.1 oz
  • Recommended for ages 16+
  • Proudly made in Dallas Tx, USA.

Superior Craftsmanship

The one piece body is CNC machined from a single piece of brass. The magnet bores are held to very tight tolerances to provide a secure press fit without any adhesives. The final magnet depth is set to precisely .25mm from the top surface for the strong side of the magnets using purpose-built jigs and fixtures.

Sliding surfaces will initially have toolmarks but over time they will self-burnish into an even smoother sliding surface.

I decided that the overall design is so delightfully minimalistic that I didn’t want to put our logo on it. The only mark is a subtle “+” to indicate the strong side of the slider. So we’ll just rely on word of mouth when your friends ask you “Where did you get that!?” We know you’re good for it.

Excellence by Design

The Robertson is the result of a long design and redesign process that ran into a dead end. I was about to give up altogether. But before I abandoned the machining setup, I decided to try something totally different: A fidget slider with exposed magnets on both sides for symmetrical functionality. As soon as I tried the first one I knew I had stumbled onto something unique and enjoyable.

First, it was smooth. I mean SMOOTH. In fact, you could make it bold and throw in an extra “O” and that still doesn’t capture how smooth it was. So little brass is touching during sliding and rotation that it feels like a precision bearing.

Second, it was light and slim. At 11mm, it’s less than ⅔ the thickness of the Lowrey. If you prefer older measurement systems, it’s less than half an inch thick. I’m not sure how many barleycorns that is. See why metric is awesome?

Third, the exposed magnets on both sides enables two things:

  • The magnet depths are set differently on the two sides so there is a strong side and a weak side. You can change between strong and weak just by moving one slider to the back or front and using the other side magnets.
  • The Robertson can do flips if you hold it JUST right.

Fourth, it is unique in its skeletonized design. This creates a slider that is visually engaging, and as a nice side effect, it also means it is very light! It’s actually lighter than our aluminum/brass Lowrey! But the mass is out near the edges, as are the magnets, so the inertia is there for laddering moves.  

A Gift to be Cherished

Presentation makes a lasting impact. Take delight in receiving and opening your Robertson box and packaging or enjoy watching someone you love unpack the gift box and realize this is no ordinary gift! 

What's the Robertson name all about?

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